The sons of Lihyân

The sons of Lihyân were motivated by this news. They sent a force of two hundred men against this small expedition. One hundred of them were archers. That group of polytheists found Hadrat Âsim bin Thâbit and his friends on the mountain and they encircled them. Meanwhile, the person who had informed the polytheists of the ten Companions joined them. The Companions understood that they were deceived. They decided to fight and drew their swords. Understanding the situation, the polytheists tried to deceive them, by saying, “If you come down, we will kill none of you. We are giving a definite promise. We swear by Allahu ta’âlâ that we do not want to kill you. However, we wish to get ransom for you from the Meccans.” Âsim bin Thâbit, Marsad bin Abî Marsad and Khâlid bin Abî Bukayr rejected all the offers, saying, “We will never accept the promises and the pledges of polytheists.” Hadrat Âsim bin Thâbit said, “I have made an oath not to accept the protection of polytheists. I swear by Allah that I will not go down and surrender, by believing their promise of protection and words.” He opened his hands and prayed, “O my Allah! Inform your Prophet about our condition.” Allahu ta’âlâ accepted Hadrat Âsim’s prayer and informed our Master Rasûlullah of the incidents. Hadrat Âsim said to the polytheists, “We do not fear death. For, we persevere in our religion (when we die, we will become martyr and go to Paradise).” When the leader of the polytheists told him, “O Âsim! Do not waste you and your friends, surrender!” Âsim bin Thâbit replied to him by shooting arrows. While he was shooting arrows, he was reciting these lines: “I am strong, I have no deficiency. The thick string of my bow is drawn. Death is true, life is false and temporary. They will come true, all the things in destiny. People will return to Allahu ta’âlâ finally. If I do not fight you, my mother (out of her agony) will lose her sanity.”
There were seven arrows in Âsim’s quiver. He killed one polytheist with each arrow he shot. When he ran out of arrows, he killed many of them with his spear. However, his spear had become broken. He drew his sword immediately and broke its scabbard. (In those times, it meant, “I will fight until I pass away and I will never surrender.”) Then he invoked as follows, “O my Allah! I have protected Your religion up to now. I supplicate You to protect my body at the end of this day.” The interjections of “Allahu akbar!” of Âsim bin Thâbit and other Companions were resounding the mountains. Ten mujâhids were fighting to the death against two hundred people and whoever approached them was paying the penalty of the deeds they committed. At the end, Hadrat Âsim having been wounded on both his legs, fell to the ground. Since the disbelievers deeply feared him too much, they could not move close to him, even after he had collapsed, but they martyred him by shooting arrows from a distance. That day, seven of those ten Companions that were present there attained martyrdom and three of them were taken captive. The sons of Lihyân wanted to cut off Âsim bin Sâbit’s blessed head, to sell it to Sulâfa binti Sa’d. However, Allahu ta’âlâ accepted the prayer of Hadrat Âsim bin Sâbit, He sent a drove of bees there. Like a cloud, they hovered over Âsim bin Sâbit. The polytheists could not approach him. Finally, they said, “Let him alone, when it is evening, the bees will disperse and we will cut off his head and take it away.” In the evening, Allahu ta’âlâ made it rain heavily. The creeks flooded and carried away the blessed body of Âsim bin Thâbit to an unknown place. They thoroughly searched for him, however, they could not find him. Thus, the polytheists were unable to cut off the head of Hadrat Âsim bin Thâbit. When this incident was mentioned, Hadrat ’Umar said, “Verily, Allahu ta’âlâ protects His believer slave. As Âsim bin Thâbit was protected in his lifetime, Allahu ta’âlâ protected his body after his death and did not let the polytheists damage him.” For this reason, whenever Âsim bin Thâbit was remembered, he was referred to as “the person who was protected by bees.”
The sons of Lihyân martyred seven sahâbîs, starting with Âsim bin Sâbit. They captured three sahâbîs. The three captivated sahâbîs were Hubayb bin Adiy, Zayd bin Dasinna and Abdullah bin Târik. The sons of Lihyân tied them with bow cords. Among them, Abdullah bin Târik refused to be brought to Meccan polytheists. He resisted. He shouted, “My martyred friends have been honored with Paradise.” He broke the ties of his hands. However, the sons of Lihyân martyred him by stoning him. Hadrat Hubayb bin Adiy and Hadrat Zayd bin Dasinna persevered, thinking they might find an opportunity to perform the duty of reconnaissance, given by Rasûlullah. The sons of Lihyân brought both of them to Mecca. The polytheists, whose relatives had been killed in the Battles of Badr and Uhud, were burning with a desire for revenge and they were looking for an opportunity. Hubayb was bought by the polytheist Hujayr bin Abî İhâb-i Tamîmî, in order to take revenge for the killing of his brother in the Battle of Badr, and Zayd bin Dasinna was bought by Safwân bin Umayya in order to take revenge for the killing of his father Umayya bin Halaf, who also had been killed in the Battle of Badr. The intention of the polytheists was to kill them both. However, they were in the months in which they regarded as being forbidden to make war. Therefore, they imprisoned them and waited for the passing of time. They kept them separated. Both Companions showed great patience, strength and dignity against this captivity.


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