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166- LIFE IN THE GRAVE -My Beloved Prophet

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LIFE IN THE GRAVE The prophets are alive in their graves with a life that we do not know. Awliyâ (saints, those whom Allah loves) and martyrs are alive in their graves, too. This aliveness is not fictive. They are co...

165- The movements of abjuration – My Beloved Prophet

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The movements of abjuration After the passing away of our Master, the Prophet ’alaihis-salâm, apostasy began. These activities expanded significantly. Hadrat Abû Bakr contributed significantly toward the struggle a...

164- Hadrat Abû Bakr kissed him- My Beloved Prophet

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Hadrat Abû Bakr kissed him The blessed face and all the limbs of the Messenger of Allah were elegant, clean, and luminous like a halo. Hadrat Abû Bakr kissed him, saying, “O Rasûlullah! You are so beautiful, dead or ...

163 -Three wishes – My Beloved Prophet

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Three wishes Our beloved Prophet said to Jabrâil ‘alaihis-salâm’, “I have three wishes from Allahu ta’âlâ: One of them is to allow me to be intercessor for the sinners of my Community, the second is to not torment th...

162 -You will be the first one to join me – My Beloved Prophet

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You will be the first one to join me When the Master of worlds whispered in his daughters ear that he would die, Hadrat Fâtima started to weep. Then our Prophet said to her, “Of my Ahl-i bayt, you will be the first o...

161 – Why are you weeping?- My Beloved Prophet

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Why are you weeping? Our mother Hadrat Ummu Salama asked, “My life be sacrificed for your sake O Rasûlullah! Why are you weeping?” He said, “I am weeping for my community to be shown mercy.” The sun was rising toward...

160- Rasûlullah’s illness became heavier- My Beloved Prophet

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Rasûlullah’s illness became heavier On Sunday, Rasûlullah’s illness became heavier. Hadrat Usâma, who had been appointed Commander of the Army by the Messenger of Allah, arrived. He did not say anything to Usâma. How...

159- Settle the rights of the rightful owners- My Beloved Prophet

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Settle the rights of the rightful owners One day, while under intensive pain, the Master of the worlds sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam, in order to settle the rights of the rightful owners among the Ashâb and to be abl...

158- Ashâb-i kirâm were in grief- My Beloved Prophet

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Ashâb-i kirâm were in grief The Ashâb-i kirâm were in grief and could not feel at ease in their homes. They gathered in the masjid. In order to obtain information about the state of our Master, the Prophet, they sent...

157- Usâma is one of the most beloved- My Beloved Prophet

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Usâma is one of the most beloved Our Prophet climbed the minbar in the masjid and said, “O my Companions! As Usâma’s father Zayd was deserving of the commandership and as he was the most beloved in my sight; likewise...

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