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52- Rayhânat-ul Arab – My Beloved Prophet

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Rayhânat-ul Arab Rayhânat-ul Arab was introducing himself to his tribe as an eximious (select, chosen) man. He should have been grateful for these blessings, hadn’t he? He should have accepted and believed in Allahu ...

158- Ashâb-i kirâm were in grief- My Beloved Prophet

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Ashâb-i kirâm were in grief The Ashâb-i kirâm were in grief and could not feel at ease in their homes. They gathered in the masjid. In order to obtain information about the state of our Master, the Prophet, they sent...

55- What the disbelievers said- My Beloved Prophet

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What the disbelievers said (O My Beloved!) Take into consideration that they have made many bad slanders about you, they have deviated from the right way and have fallen into heresy. From now on they are not able to ...

166- LIFE IN THE GRAVE -My Beloved Prophet

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LIFE IN THE GRAVE The prophets are alive in their graves with a life that we do not know. Awliyâ (saints, those whom Allah loves) and martyrs are alive in their graves, too. This aliveness is not fictive. They are co...

164- Hadrat Abû Bakr kissed him- My Beloved Prophet

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Hadrat Abû Bakr kissed him The blessed face and all the limbs of the Messenger of Allah were elegant, clean, and luminous like a halo. Hadrat Abû Bakr kissed him, saying, “O Rasûlullah! You are so beautiful, dead or ...

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