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55- What the disbelievers said- My Beloved Prophet

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What the disbelievers said (O My Beloved!) Take into consideration that they have made many bad slanders about you, they have deviated from the right way and have fallen into heresy. From now on they are not able to ...

37 – Torment, torture and cruelty- My Beloved Prophet

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Torment, torture and cruelty The notable polytheists of Quraysh would attack our Master, the Prophet, insult him and they would even attempt to beat him when they saw he was alone. They also would not hesitate to to...

162 -You will be the first one to join me – My Beloved Prophet

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You will be the first one to join me When the Master of worlds whispered in his daughters ear that he would die, Hadrat Fâtima started to weep. Then our Prophet said to her, “Of my Ahl-i bayt, you will be the first o...

40 – Torment by Abû Jehl – My Beloved Prophet

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Torment by Abû Jehl One day Abû Jahl said to polytheists of Quraysh at Baytullah, “O the People of Quraysh! You see that Muhammad doesn’t hesitate to blame our religion, to talk against our idols and our fathers who ...

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