Invitation at festivals

Every year on certain days, to visit the Kâbe, people came to Mecca from various cities. Rasûl-i akram sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam met with those who arrived and spoke about Islam with each group. He advised them that Allahu ta’âlâ was one (there is no god but Allah) and he was a true Messenger. He announced that salvation was on this path. One day, Walîd bin Mugîra gathered the polytheists and said, “O Quraysh people! The season of visiting the Kâ’ba has come again. Muhammad’s voice has spread over the world. Arab tribes come to him, become inclined to his sweet words and embrace his religion. We should find out a preventive measure. Let us agree on this and let us not be contradictory with each other by saying different things about him.” The Qurayshîs said, “O the father of Abdishams! You are the most farsighted among us. We will tell them whatever you see appropriate.” When Walîd replied, “No, you tell me, I will listen to you,” they said, “Let us call him a soothsayer.” Walîd refused immediately, “No, I swear that he is not a soothsayer. We have seen many soothsayers. They say the right and the wrong without hesitation. The recitations of Muhammad are not like the ones which were made up by the soothsayers. Furthermore, we have not heard a lie from Muhammad so far. If we say this, no one will believe us.” This time they said, “Let us call him insane.” Walîd opposed again, saying, “No! I swear that he is not insane or crazy. We know and well understand the signs of insanity. He does not have the feeling of drowning, trembling or baseless fears. If we say this, they will refute us.” The Qurayshîs said, “Let us call him a poet.” Walîd rejected again, “He is not a poet either! We know each kind of poem very well. His reciting is not alike to any kind of poem.” This time, they said, “Let us call him a magician.” Walîd said, “He is not a magician either. We have seen magicians and their magic. There is no sign of magic in his words. Muhammad’s words are victorious over the entire world. He is not an unknown person. We cannot stop people from talking to him. He is superior to the people in eloquence and fluency. In short, whatever we say about him, the people will understand that it is a lie.” When the Qurayshîs could not find another thing, they said, “You are the oldest and most experienced of us, we agree to what you say.”
Upon this, Walîd bin Mugîra thought for a while. Then he invoked the people around him by saying, “The best is to let us call him a magician, a sorcerer, this is the most reasonable choice. Because, with his words, he is separating people from their own nation and he is putting distance between brothers and friends.” The Qurayshîs dispersed immediately and they said to the people in Mecca, “Muhammad is a magician!” They spread this word among the people. When tribes started to come to visit the Kâ’ba, there was no one left that had not been warned against speaking with our Master, the Prophet.
Due to these acts of the polytheists, Islam was announced within all Arabian states, developing great doubt in their minds, regarding idols.
Allahu ta’âlâ sent verses informing that He will bitterly torment the disbeliever named Walîd bin Mugîra. Muddaththir Sûra, from its 11th âyat-i karîma, purports, “(O My Rasûl!) Leave it to Me to deal with (punish) the creature (a disbeliever like Walîd bin Mugîra who was born without abundance) whom I created alone! (I am enough to avenge upon him. I created that unbeliever) and I granted him properties in abundance (afterwards I made this ungrateful person who did not have anything, attain many blessings. I granted him many orchards, vineyards and goods.) and sons (living with him in Mecca-i mukarrama) to be by his side! (They all lived in opulence.) I made his life and position extend! (He attained a high presidency in Mecca. He owned various vineyards and orchards between Mecca and Tâif.

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