Settle the rights of the rightful owners

One day, while under intensive pain, the Master of the worlds sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam, in order to settle the rights of the rightful owners among the Ashâb and to be able to go to the Hereafter having settled other people’s rights on himself, summoned Hadrat Bilâl-i Habashî. He ordered him, “Call the people! Gather them in the masjid. I would like to declare my last will and testament to them!…”
Hadrat Bilâl gathered all the Ashâb in the masjid. Leaning on Hadrat Ali and Hadrat Fadl bin Abbâs, our Master, the Prophet came to the masjid. Sitting on the minbar, after praising Allahu ta’âlâ, he said, “O my Ashâb! Be informed that the time of my passing away has approached. Let he who has right on me come and demand it. Let those who are beloved to me, obtain your rights or make your rights halal on me so that I can reach my Rabb and His Mercy free from them.” He then dismounted the minbar and conducted the early afternoon prayer. After the prayer, he mounted the minbar once again and repeated what he had said before the prayer. When there were three days before the passing of our beloved Prophet, his illness became worse. He could not go to the masjid and conduct the prayer. The first prayer which he could not perform in congregation was the night prayer. As usual, Hadrat Bilâl came to the door at that time and said, “O Rasûlullah! As-salât!” Our beloved Prophet had no strength left for going to the masjid due to his infirmity. He said, “Tell Abû Bakr that he should be the imam and conduct the prayer for my Ashâb.” Then our mother Hadrat Âisha said to our Prophet, “May my life be sacrificed for your sake O Rasûlullah! My father is softhearted and doleful. If he stands in your stead and he does not see you there, he cannot recite and conduct the prayer due to his crying. Would you mind ordering ’Umar to conduct the prayer?” Our Master, the Prophet said again, “Tell Abû Bakr that he should be the imam and conduct the prayer for my Ashâb.” Then Hadrat Bilâl informed Hadrat Abû Bakr of the situation. When Hadrat Abû Bakr did not see our Master Rasûlullah on the mihrâb (niche in a mosque which shows the direction of qibla and where the imam stands to conduct the namâz in jamâ’at, that is congregation) he became heartstricken, he was almost losing his mind. He wept!… and wept!… The Ashâb-i kirâm started weeping too. When our Master Habîbullah asked about what was the wail heard from the masjid, our mother Hadrat Fâtima replied, “May my life be sacrificed for your sake O Rasûlullah! Your Companions are weeping since they cannot endure your separation.” Our beloved Prophet (sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam), the sea of compassion, had become so grieved. Despite the intenseness of his illness, with great difficulty he stood, in order to go to console his Companions. He came to the masjid by the help of Hadrat Ali and Hadrat Abbâs. After the prayer he said, “O my Ashâb! You are under the protection of Allahu ta’âlâ and I have trusted you to Allahu ta’âlâ! Be on the way of piety. Fear Allahu ta’âlâ. Obey and carry out the commands of Allahu ta’âlâ. I will soon leave this world. Hadrat Abû Bakr conducted the prayer as imam for the Companions seventeen times. Once, as he was conducting the early afternoon prayer, at that moment, the Master of the universe felt a easiness on his blessed body and came to the masjid with the help of Hadrat Ali and Hadrat Abbâs. Hadrat Abû Bakr Siddîq understood that our beloved Prophet had honored there, and attempted to step backwards. However our Master signaled him to stay in his place. Our beloved Prophet, standing on the left side of Hadrat Abû Bakr, conducted the namâz as imam for his Companions for the last time. It was three days before the passing away of our beloved Prophet. Jabrâil ‘alaihis-salâm’ (Archangel Gabriel) came to visit our Master Rasûlullah and said, “O Rasûlullah! Allahu ta’âlâ has sent His greetings to you. Even as He is aware of your situation, He is asking how you are, how do you feel.” The master of the worlds said, “I am sad!” Sunday, the angel Jabrâil (Gabriel) ‘alaihis-salâm’ visited him again, and asked him how he was. Our Master, the Prophet gave the same reply. Jabrâil ‘alaihis-salâm gave him the good news that Aswad-i Anasî, who had been claiming to be a Prophet in Yemen, was killed. And Rasûl-i akram, in turn, gave the good news to his Ashâb. He gave some of the gold, which had come to him before his illness, to the poor and some of them to Hadrat Âisha.

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