Why are you weeping?

Our mother Hadrat Ummu Salama asked, “My life be sacrificed for your sake O Rasûlullah! Why are you weeping?” He said, “I am weeping for my community to be shown mercy.” The sun was rising towards the zenith. The time had approached… Our beloved Prophet’s blessed head had been leaning on our mother Hadrat Âisha’s chest. The Master of the worlds was having his last moments and the following words were uttered from his blessed mouth: “For mercy sake! Behave well towards the slaves under you! Clothe them and feed them. Speak with them gently. Namâz, continue to perform your namâz. Fear Allahu ta’âlâ regarding your wives and slaves!… O my Allah! Forgive me. Bestow Your Mercy upon me!… Make me attain the grade of Rafîq-i â’lâ!…” Our mother Hadrat Fâtima’s tears were flowing and her wailing was hurting other’s feelings. Our beloved Prophet, making her sit next to him, said, “My daughter, be patient for a while and do not weep. For, the (angels of) Hamala-i Arsh are weeping upon your weeping.” He wiped our mother Hadrat Fâtima’s tears. He consoled her and invoked Allahu ta’âlâ for patience and told her, “O my daughter, my soul will be taken. Say, ‘Innâlillahi wa innâ ilaihi râjî’ûn.’ O Fâtima! There will be a reward given for each tribulation.” He closed his blessed eyes for a while and then said, “There will be no more sadness and sorrow for your father. For, he is being saved from the mortal world and the place of suffering.” Then he said to Hadrat Ali, “O Ali! There is a property of so-and-so, a Jewish man under my responsibility. I had taken it for the preparation of soldiers. Do not forget to pay for it. You will pay my debt for sure and you will be the first of those who will meet me at the side of the Kawthar Pond. After me, you will suffer too much. Be patient. Choose the Hereafter when others desire this world.” Usâma ‘radiy-Allâhu anh’ came back. The Messenger of Allah said, “May Allahu ta’âlâ help you! Go out for war.” So Usâma went out to his army and immediately gave the order to move. The Master of the worlds was drawing his last breaths… The time was quite close… Allahu ta’âlâ revealed to Azrâil ‘alaihis-salâm,’ “Go to my beloved in your most beautiful appearance! If he allows, take his soul very leniently and gently. If he does not allow, turn back!” Azrâil ‘alaihis-salâm’ came to the door of our beloved Prophet’s home of bliss in the most beautiful appearance and in human disguise. He said, “Assalâmu alaikum O the owner of the house of prophethood! Do you allow my entering? May Allahu ta’âlâ show mercy upon you!” Sitting next to our beloved Prophet (sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam), our mother Hadrat Âisha said to Hadrat Fâtima, “Reply to the person who is at the door.” Upon this, Hadrat Fâtima went to the door and said with a very sad voice, “O the slave of Allahu ta’âlâ! Rasûlullah is preoccupied with his concerns. Azrâil ‘alaihis-salâm’ asked for permission once again. The same answer was given. When he repeated his greeting for the third time and declared that he really had to enter; our Master, the Prophet became aware of his presence and said, “O Fâtima! Who is at the door?” Hadrat Fâtima replied, “O Rasûlullah! Someone at the door is asking for permission to enter. I have replied to him a couple of times. However, upon the third time I shuddered.” Thereupon our Master Rasûlullah said, “O Fâtima! Do you know who the person at the door is? He is the Angel of Death, Azrâil, who demolishes pleasures, disperses gatherings, makes women widows and the children orphans, destroys homes and prepares the graves. O Azrâil, come in!” At that moment our mother Hadrat Fâtima fell into an indefinable grief and the following words came out from her blessed mouth, “Oh Medina, you have been ruined!” Our Master, the Prophet ‘alaihis-salâm held Hadrat Fâtima’s hand and put it on his blessed chest. He closed his blessed eyes. Those who were present thought that his blessed soul had been taken. Our mother Hadrat Fâtima could not stand it, she leaned towards his ear and said the following words with a heart-wrenching voice, “O my father!…” As she could not get any answer she said, “May my life be sacrificed for your sake O Rasûlullah! Please open your blessed eyes and say something to me…” Then the Master of worlds opened his blessed eyes, wiped his daughter’s tears and whispered in her ear that he would die.

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