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156 -Retaliation- My Beloved Prophet

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Retaliation When Hadrat Bilâl arrived at the house of our Prophet’s daughter Fâtima he knocked on the door and said, “O the daughter of Rasûlullah! Please give me Rasûlullah’s whip!” Thereupon our mother Hadrat Fâtim...

151- The large enemy army tried to pass over the trench – My Beloved Prophet

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The large enemy army tried to pass over the trench This struggle lasted until the evening. Our Master, Rasûl-i akram sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam set sentries at various points of the trench at night. He himself s...

143 – Hubayb- My Beloved Prophet

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Hubayb Hubayb pronounced maledictions over the polytheists, “O my Allahu ta’âlâ! Perish all the Quraysh polytheists! Disperse their community! Take their lives one by one; do not let them survive!” When the polytheis...

142 -Mâwiya- My Beloved Prophet

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Mâwiya Mâwiya, an emancipated female slave (who later became Muslim), who was present in the house where Hubayb bin Adiy was kept, reported: “Hubaby was imprisoned in a cell of the house in which I was present. I hav...

30 – Our Prophet’s first Wahy – My Beloved Prophet

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Our Prophet’s first Wahy When our Prophet was forty years old, on a day of Ramadan, he went again to the cave on Mount Hira and started tafakkur (contemplation). It was the 17th of Ramadan, Monday night. After midnig...