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What does love of Allah mean?

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Question: What does love mean? What is the love of Allah? ANSWER Hadrat Imâm-i Ghazâlî states: Love is the heart’s inclination toward what it derives pleasure from. If this inclination is intense, it is termed ‘ash...

What is belief in Allah?

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Question: What is belief in Allah? ANSWER The first fundamental principle of îmân is to have belief in Allah. The expression “billahi” in the Âmantu conveys the meaning of having belief in Allahu ta’âlâ’s existence ...

For a person who has converted to Islam

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Question: A foreign friend of mine has just become a Muslim. What should we teach him before all else? ANSWER First of all, you must teach him “îmân”; that is, you must teach him Allahu ta’âlâ, His Attributes, Hadra...

The correct belief and protection of it

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Question: Upon which thing is it conditional to achieve salvation in the Hereafter? ANSWER Some people suppose that every person having belief in the existence of Allah will go to Paradise, but this is a complete fa...

The fundamentals of îmân and Islam

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Question: Could you explain briefly Islam’s basic tenets of belief that every Muslim has to know? ANSWER Islam’s basic tenets of belief to be known are the fundamentals of îmân and Islam. We have gathered them brief...

What is îmân?

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Question: What is îmân? ANSWER Îmân means believing in the six fundamental principles of faith (Âmantu) along with all the commandments and prohibitions revealed to Muhammad (‘alaihissalâm) by Allahu ta’âlâ and deli...

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