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145- The Holy Battle of Banî Mustaliq – My Beloved Prophet

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The Holy Battle of Banî Mustaliq In the fifth year of the Hegira, Haris bin Abî Dirâr, the leader of the sons of Mustaliq, had gathered many men to fight against our Master, the Prophet. He would have armed them and ...

144 -Jews of Banî Nâdir- My Beloved Prophet

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143 – Hubayb- My Beloved Prophet

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Hubayb Hubayb pronounced maledictions over the polytheists, “O my Allahu ta’âlâ! Perish all the Quraysh polytheists! Disperse their community! Take their lives one by one; do not let them survive!” When the polytheis...

142 -Mâwiya- My Beloved Prophet

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Mâwiya Mâwiya, an emancipated female slave (who later became Muslim), who was present in the house where Hubayb bin Adiy was kept, reported: “Hubaby was imprisoned in a cell of the house in which I was present. I hav...

141- The sons of Lihyân- My Beloved Prophet

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The sons of Lihyân The sons of Lihyân were motivated by this news. They sent a force of two hundred men against this small expedition. One hundred of them were archers. That group of polytheists found Hadrat Âsim bin...