Hubayb pronounced maledictions over the polytheists, “O my Allahu ta’âlâ! Perish all the Quraysh polytheists! Disperse their community! Take their lives one by one; do not let them survive!” When the polytheists heard this malediction, they became very afraid, some of them fled. Some of those who remained, started spearing him. One of them thrust into him from his chest through to his back. While blood was pouring from his body, still hanging from the gallows tree, he proclaimed, “Ash-hadu anlâ ilâha illallâh wa ashadu anna Muhammadan abduhû wa rasûluh,” and Hubayb became a martyr.
The corpse of Hubayb bin Adiy hung from the gallows tree for forty days. However, his body did not bruise and stink. His blood flowed continually. Our beloved Prophet sent Zubayr bin Awwâm and Mikdâd bin Aswad, from the Ashâb-i kirâm, to bring his corpse. They secretly entered Mecca at night. Then they took down his body from the gallows tree, put him on a camel and departed for Medina. When the polytheists received the information, they started to gather. Both Companions put the corpse down on the ground in order to protect themselves. After a while, they saw that the ground, on which they put the corpse, had split, taken in the corpse and closed. They then continued on the road to Medina. They tied Zayd bin Dasinna to the gallows tree they prepared, too. They were trying to force him to abandon his religion. However, they could not get anything, except strengthening Zayd’s faith. Upon this, they shot arrows at him. In the end, Zayd was martyred by Nistâs, the emancipated slave of Safwân bin Umayya.
The Bi’r-i Maûna incident
Again, in the Safar month of the same year, Abû Barâ Âmir bin Mâlik, who was the chieftain of the sons of Âmir from Najd region in Arabia, came to Medina. He visited our Master Rasûl-i akram (sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam). Our Master, the Prophet told him about Islam and recommended him to become a Muslim. Abû Barâ did not become a Muslim; however, he announced that Islam was a beautiful and honorable religion. In addition, for spreading Islam over Najd, he requested from our Master, the Prophet to send some of the Ashâb-i kirâm there. Our beloved Prophet said, “Regarding the persons whom I will send, I am not sure of the people of Najd!” Âmir replied, “I will protect them, then, no one can harm them.” The Master of the worlds accepted that definite undertaking and prepared a delegation of seventy persons from the Ashâb-i Suffa. He sent them under the command of Hadrat Munzir bin Amr. Abû Barâ, who wanted his tribe to be honored by embracing Islam, set off before the Ashâb-i Suffa and went to his tribe. He told them that the committee that was to come was under his protection and no one should harm them. Everyone, except his nephew Âmir bin Tufayl, accepted not to harm them. He armed men from three tribes, headed them himself and surrounded the Companions who came to Bi’r-i Maûna. Completely circled, the Companions drew their swords and fought until all, with the exception of one of them, became martyred. The last words of that blessed Companion were as follows, “O my Rabb! There is no one else except You who will inform Rasûlullah of our situation. Let him know our greetings!” At that moment, Jabrâil ‘alaihis-salâm’ came in grief, conveyed their greetings and said to our Master, the Prophet, “They have reached Allahu ta’âlâ. They attained the consent of Allahu ta’âlâ and Allahu ta’âlâ is pleased with them.” After our beloved Prophet replied, “Alaihimussalâm” he turned to his Companions and informed them of the events by saying sadly, “Your brothers encountered polytheists. The polytheists slew them and riddled them with their spears…” In this incident, while Hadrat Âmir bin Füheyre was fighting against the enemy, someone named Jabbâr stuck his spear into Hadrat Âmir’s back. At that moment, Hadrat Âmir had said, “I swear by Allah that I have won Paradise!” Then his body had ascended to the sky in the presence of Jabbâr and other polytheists. Everybody there was astonished by that event, however, among the polytheists, only Jabbâr, who had martyred him, became Muslim. Our Master, the Prophet sorrowed over the Raji’ and Bi’r-i Mâuna events. For one month, after each ritual prayer, he pronounced maledictions over the tribes who committed these grievous events. Allahu ta’âlâ accepted His Messenger’s invocation. He gave those tribes a vehement drought and famine. Later, among them, seven hundred people died of an epidemic disease.

After the Holy Battle of Uhud, in the fourth year of Hegira, a Jewish tribe named the Sons of Nâdir, conspired to kill our beloved Prophet. Hadrat Jabrâil (Archangel Gabriel) informed our beloved Prophet of this. Thus, the assassination became thwarted. Upon this, the Master of the worlds sent Muhammad bin Maslama to the Jewish tribe that broke the treaty and said, “Go to the Jews of the sons of Nâdir! Tell them, Rasûlullah has sent me to you to communicate the order: Go out of my homeland! Do not stay here with me! You conspired to kill me. I am giving you ten days. After that time, whomsoever from you is seen here will be beheaded.”
When Hadrat Muhammad bin Maslama conveyed this order, out of fear, they began to make preparations for the journey. However, Abdullah bin Ubayy, the leader of hypocrites, sent a message to them, saying, “Never leave your fortress. Do not abandon your goods and homeland. We are coming to help you, with two thousand of my men.” Upon this, the Master of the world, with his Ashâb-i kirâm, marched towards the fortress of the sons of Nâdir, which was four kilometers away from Medina.


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