Abû Sufyân informed that Allahu te’ala made the enemy wretched

Abû Sufyân, the commander of the polytheist army stood up and said, “Beware! There may be watchers and spies among you. Let everyone check who the person beside him is! Let everyone hold the hand of the person sitting next to him.” Abû Sufyân had nearly sensed that there was a stranger among them. I stretched my hands at once. I held the hands of the two persons on my right and my left. I asked for their names, before they asked me. Thus, I prevented my being recognized.
Finally, Abû Sufyân addressed his army, “O Quraysh! You are not at an appropriate place to stay. Horses and camels have begun to die. Famine is everywhere. You see what has happened to us because of the wind. Immediately leave here and go! Now, I am going.” He got onto his camel. The polytheist army, in a wretched condition, gathered and moved towards Mecca. They were in a harsh sand storm. When the Quraysh army left, I walked towards our Master Rasûlullah. When I reached halfway along the way, I met with twenty horsemen (angels) with white turbans. They told me, “Inform Rasûlullah. Allahu ta’âlâ has made the enemy wretched.”
When I returned to where Rasûlullah was, he was performing the ritual prayer on a rug. However, as soon as I returned, my condition of being cold and shivering began again. After the ritual prayer, our Master Rasûlullah asked me what news I brought. I told him the polytheists were wretched, and they departed. Rasûlullah greatly rejoiced at this news and he smiled. We were sleepless for days. Our Master, the Prophet covered me with a part of the rug he had used, as a blanket. In the morning, there was no trace left of the polytheist army. Until they approached close to Mecca, there was a vehement wind behind them and they constantly heard sounds of takbîr. When the Quraysh polytheists left their headquarters and escaped, other polytheist tribes that also came with them, left Medina. They were in a deep grief due to a great defeat, which they could not forget. While they were suffering this great loss, the Master of the worlds (sall Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam) and his honorable Companions, in sajdas of thankfulness, were paying gratitude and praising Allahu ta’âlâ. The mujâhids headed toward luminous Medina with sounds of “Allahu akbar!… Allahu akbar!…” The streets of Medina were flooded with children. They were out to meet the sultan of the worlds and their blessed fathers, paternal uncles, maternal uncles, older brothers. Our Master, the Prophet replied to them by smiling… In the Holy Battle of Trench, six Muslims became martyred… Regarding this Holy War, Allahu ta’âlâ purported in the âyat-i karîmas, “Allahu ta’âlâ (in the Battle of Trench) made those disbelievers return with their anger. They gained no good, no victory. Thus Allahu ta’âlâ (with angels and wind) sufficed to believers (for their victory) in the battle. Allahu ta’âlâ’s power suffices for all. He is triumphant over everything.” (Ahzâb Sûra: 25) “O Believers! Remember the blessings Allahu ta’âlâ grants to you. When Armies had attacked you (in the Battle of Trench) We had sent a wind and armies (of angels) which you did not see over them.” (Ahzâb Sûra: 9) After this war, our beloved Prophet, (’alaihis-salâm) said, “Now, it is your turn. From now on, the Quraysh will not be able to march against you.”


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