When Hadrat Bilâl arrived at the house of our Prophet’s daughter Fâtima he knocked on the door and said, “O the daughter of Rasûlullah! Please give me Rasûlullah’s whip!” Thereupon our mother Hadrat Fâtima asked, “O Bilâl! Now is neither the time of pilgrimage nor a holy war! What will my father do with the whip?” Hadrat Bilâl replied, “O Fâtima! Don’t you know? Retaliation will be applied with it against Rasûlullah!” Our mother Fâtima firmly admonished Hadrat Bilâl by saying, “O Bilâl! Who can consent to take his right through retaliation from Rasûlullah? Since he requested so, I will give it. However, say to Hasan and Husayn that they should let the person who will take his right to apply the retaliation against them. Let that person take his right from them. Don’t let the retaliation be made against Rasûlullah.” Then Hadrat Bilâl came to the masjid and gave the whip to our Master, Rasûlullah and he, in turn, gave it Hadrat Uqâsha. When Hadrat Abû Bakr and Hadrat ’Umar saw this scene, they begged, “O Uqâsha! You see, we are present here, take your right from us. Please do not take your right from Rasûlullah!” Thereupon our Master, the Prophet said to Abû Bakr, “O Abû Bakr! Leave it, move aside. O ’Umar! You too move aside. Allahu ta’âlâ knows your high ranks.” Then Hadrat Ali stood up and said, “O Uqâsha! I do not consent to your whipping Rasûlullah. Here is my back and abdomen. Come and take your right from me. If you want, whip a hundred times, but do not touch Rasûlullah!” However our Master, the Prophet said, “O Ali! You too sit down. Allahu ta’âlâ also knows your high rank and situation.” This time Hadrat Hasan and Husayn stood up and said, “O Uqâsha! You also know well that we are Rasûlullah’s grandchildren. Therefore, retaliation against us is tantamount to retaliation against Rasûlullah. Take your right from us, please do not whip Rasûlullah!” Then our Master Rasûlullah said to them, “You too sit down, o the joy of my two eyes.” And then said, “O Uqâsha! Come and whip!” When Uqâsha said, “O Rasûlullah! When you hit me, my back was bare” our beloved Prophet uncovered his blessed back. At that moment sobbing sounds were heard from the Ashâb-i kirâm and they said to Uqâsha, “O Uqâsha! Will you whip Rasûlullah’s blessed back?” Everybody was waiting in deep sorrow. When Hadrat Uqâsha saw the Seal of Prophethood on our Master Rasûlullah’s blessed back, he suddenly kissed it by saying, “May my parents be sacrificed for your sake O Rasûlullah! Who could muster the strength and could dare to whip your blessed back and apply retaliation in order to take his right?” Thereupon, our Master Rasûl-i akram (sallAllâhu ’alaihi wa sallam) said, “No, either whip or forgive me.” Then Hadrat Uqâsha said, “May my life be sacrificed for your sake O Rasûlullah! I have forgiven. I wonder if Allahu ta’âlâ will, in return, forgive me on the Day of Resurrection?” Our Master, the Prophet said, “Whomever wishes to see my friend in Heaven should look at this old person.” Then the Ashâb-i kirâm who heard these blessed words of our Master Rasûlullah, started to kiss Hadrat Uqâsha between his two eyes. All of them were saying, “How happy you are! How happy you are! O Uqâsha! For the sake of accompanying Rasûlullah ‘alaihis-salâm, you have attained high ranks in Paradise.” In the last days of the Month of Safar, the Master of the worlds (sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam) was thinking of inviting the Byzantines (Eastern Romans) in the North to Islam once again, before becoming a great threat to Muslims. In case they did not accept that invitation, he wished to fight against them and to take them under the reign of the Islamic State. Therefore he ordered his heroic Companions to prepare to fight against the Byzantines. The Companions dispersed for the purpose of making preparation. Our Master Rasûl-i akram called Hadrat Usâma bin Zayd and said to him, “O Usâma! Go with the name and benediction of Allahu ta’âlâ to Damascus, the Balqâ border, Darum in Palestine as far as the place where your father was martyred. Make your horses trample those lands. I have appointed you as the commander-in-chief of this army. Immediately advance towards the Ubnâls and attack them like lightning. Go to your destination so fast that they cannot receive any news about you before your arrival. Take pathfinders with you and make them as spies and scouts to proceed in front of you. In case Allahu ta’âlâ grants you victory, stay among them for a short time.” Then he ordered him to establish his camp in Jurf and tied the banner with his blessed hands and delivered it.


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