Rasûlullah’s illness became heavier

On Sunday, Rasûlullah’s illness became heavier. Hadrat Usâma, who had been appointed Commander of the Army by the Messenger of Allah, arrived. He did not say anything to Usâma. However, he raised his blessed arms and rubbed them gently on him. This meant that he asked a blessing on him. It was a Monday on which our beloved Prophet both honored the world by his birth, and passed away. It was the thirteenth and the last day of his illness… On Monday the Ashâb-i kirâm were performing the morning prayer in lines behind Hadrat Abû Bakr as-Siddîq in the Masjîd-i sharîf, when Hadrat Fakhr-i ’Âlam came to the Masjîd-i sharîf. He saw his Ummat (companions) worshipping in lines. He was pleased. He smiled. He, too, adapted himself to Hadrat Abû Bakr and performed the namâz behind him. When the Ashâb-i kirâm saw Rasûlullah in the Masjîd they thought he had recovered from his illness and rejoiced. Rasûl-i akram ‘sall-Allâhu alaihi wa sallam’ honored Hadrat Âisha’s room with his presence and went to bed. Then he said, “I want to enter the presence of Allahu ta’âlâ without leaving any worldly property behind myself. Give the gold you have to the poor, all of them!” Then his fever increased. After a while, he opened his eyes again and asked Hadrat Âisha ‘radiy-Allâhu ta’âlâ anhâ wa an Ebîhâ’ if she had dispensed of the gold. She said she would. He ordered her again and again to distribute them immediately. When they were all dealt out immediately, he stated, “I am now relaxed.” After he took a rest on his bed for a while, he called Hadrat Ali to his presence. Then he put his blessed head on his lap. His blessed forearm had sweat and his blessed color had altered. When our mother Hadrat Fâtima saw her blessed father in such a circumstance she could not endure to look at him and went next to her sons Hadrat Hasan and Hadrat Husayn. Holding their hands, she started to weep, “O my father! Who will take care of your daughter? To whom are you entrusting your grandchildren Hasan and Husayn? O my father! May my life be sacrificed for your sake! How will my situation be after you? At whom shall my eyes look upon after you?” When our Master Rasûlullah heard those heart-wrenching words of his daughter, he opened his blessed eyes and called her next to him and said, “O my Rabb! Grant her patience.” When he said, “O Fâtima! O the light of my eyes! Your father is at the state of death-agony!” With his touching, her weeping and wailing increased all the more. When Hadrat Ali said, “O Fâtima! Please be quite! Do not sadden Rasûlullah anymore!”, our beloved Prophet said, “Do not cause her more pain. O Ali! Let her weep for her father!…” Then he closed his blessed eyes as if he lost his consciousness. Then Hadrat Hasan came to the presence of his blessed grandfather, and when he said while weeping, “O my blessed grandfather! Who can endure your separation? To whom can we submit the misery of our heart? Who can cherish my mother, my father and my brother after you? Where can your wives and Companions find your beautiful morals?…” the blessed wives of our Master, the Prophet could not stand it any longer and altogether started to weep. When the Companions, who were dolefully waiting outside, heard that the illness of our Master, the Prophet had increased so, their hearts were wounded. They started to weep. They were begging, “Please open the door! Let us see the blessed face of Rasûl ‘alaihis-salâm’ once more!…” in order to see their beloved Prophet’s blessed face once more. When the beloved of Allahu ta’âlâ, who was sent as a mercy for the worlds, heard those entreaties of his Companions, showed mercy and said, “Open the door!” Then the notables of the Ashâb went in. After our beloved Prophet had advised them patience, he said, “O my Ashâb! You are the most superior and most honorable of human beings. No matter whoever will come after you, you will enter Paradise before all of them. Stand firm about keeping up the religion and make the Qur’ân al-azîm your imam (guide). Don’t be remiss about the commands of religion.” Then he said, “O my Rabb! Have I conveyed?” and closed his blessed eyes. His blessed face was sweating. Hadrat Ali made a sign for the Companions to go out. After they went out, Hadrat Âisha came to his presence and requested advice. After he said to her, “O Âisha! Protect yourself by sitting in the corner of your house!” He started to shed tears from his blessed eyes. The Master of the worlds was weeping… The hearts of people who were present there, were wounded and those people suffered great hardship.


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