Abû Abdullah Muhammad Marâkashî (rahimah-Allâhu ta’âlâ), an Islamic scholar (d.683 H. /1284 A.D.), listed those who had attained their wishes by making Rasûlullah (sall-Allâhu ta’âlâ ’alaihi wa sallam) their intercessor in his valuable book Misbâh-uz zulâm. One of them, Muhammad bin Munkadir, said that a man, before going out for jihâd, had deposited eighty gold coins with his father for safe keeping and said, “Keep them for me! You may lend them to the needy.” A famine took place in Medina. Muhammad bin Munkadir’s father had lent them to those who suffered from famine. When the man came back and wanted his money back, his father told him to come the next night and he supplicated at the Hujrat as-Sa’âda till morning. “My father said that a man came who told him to open his hands and gave him a packet of gold coins. He counted them at home and saw that there were eighty gold coins. Delighted, he immediately returned them to the owner.”
Hadrat Imâm-i Muhammad Mûsâ, in the beginning of his book, explains about an incident as follows:
“In the year 637 H. (1239 A.D.) we set forth from the Sadar Fort with a group of distinguished people. There was a person who was guiding us. After a while we ran out of water. Then we started to search for water. Meanwhile I went to relieve myself. At that moment I felt terribly sleepy. Thinking that they would wake me up anyway when they depart, I laid my head on the ground.
When I woke up, I found myself alone in the middle of the desert. Forgetting me, my friends had gone. Having been left alone, I was seized with fear. Then I wandered around. I had no idea where I was and where to go. Everywhere was flat sand. Soon after, it became dark. There was not even a trace of the caravan with which I was traveling. I was all alone in the dark. My fear became worse. Confused, I started to walk faster.
After a while, thirsty and tired, I collapsed. Finally, I gave up hope of my life and felt that my death was approaching. The thirst and tiredness brought my pain and suffering to a breaking point. Suddenly I came to my senses. In the dark of night, I supplicated, “O Rasûlullah! Help! I ask for help from you with the permission of Allahu ta’âlâ!”
As soon as I finished what I was saying, I heard someone calling me. When I looked where the voice was coming from; brightening the darkness all around, wearing completely white clothing, I saw someone whom I had never seen before calling me. Approaching me, he took my hand. At that moment all my tiredness and thirst disappeared. It was as if I was born again. I suddenly warmed towards him. We walked hand in hand for a while. I felt that I had one of the most beautiful moments of my life. After climbing over a sand dune, I saw the lights of the caravan with which I was traveling and heard the voices of my friends. Then we approached them. The animal which I had been riding, was following the caravan from behind. Suddenly it stopped in front of me. When I saw my mount in front of me I cried out. When I cried out, the person, who was with me, let go of my hand. Then he held my hand again and helped me mount my animal. After that, he said, “We never refuse those who want something from us and asks for our help” and left. At that time I understood that he was our Master Rasûlullah. During his return, it could be seen that the nûr, that he was radiating, was ascending skywards in the darkness of the night. As he disappeared I came to my senses. I said to myself remorsefully, “How did I not kiss our Master Rasûlullah’s hands and feet?” However it was too late and I had missed the opportunity.
Abu ’l-Khair ’Aqta’ (rahimah-Allâhu ta’âlâ), after five days of hunger in Medina, came to the Hujrat as-Sa’âda and greeted Rasûlullah. He said he was hungry and soon fell asleep off to the side. In his dream he saw Rasûlullah coming, Abu Bakr as-Siddîq on his right, ’Umar Fârûq on his left and Alî al-Murtadâ (radî-Allâhu ta’âlâ ’anhum ajma’in) walking in front of him. Hadrat Alî came and said, “O Aba ’l-Khair! Stand up! Why are you lying down? Rasûlullah is coming! He immediately stood up. Rasûlullah came and gave him a big loaf of bread. Later Abu ’l-Khair said, “I began eating as soon as I took the loaf, as I was very hungry. When I had eaten half of the loaf, I woke up and I found the other half in my hands.”
Ahmad bin Muhammad Sûfî said, “While in the Hijâz deserts, I had no possessions left. I reached Medina. I gave salâm to Rasûlullah by the Hujrat as-Sa’âda. Then I sat somewhere and slept. Rasûlullah appeared. ‘Have you come, Ahmad? Open your hands!’ he ordered. He filled my hands with gold. I woke up. My hands were full of gold coins.”
Once Imâm as-Samhûdî (rahimah-Allâhu ta’âlâ) lost his key. He could not find it. Finally he went to the Hujrat as-Sa’âda and said, “O Rasûlullah! I lost my key, I can’t go home!” A boy brought the key. The boy said, “I found this key. Is it yours?”


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