Zayd bin Hâritha

Zayd bin Hâritha, while he was a child, with his mother Su’da, had gone to visit his relatives. Meanwhile, they were raided by another tribe. They captured Zayd. They brought him to a bazaar named Sûq-i Ukâz in Mecca and they sold him as a slave. Hâkim bin Hizam, nephew of Hadrat Khadîja, bought Zayd for 400 dirhams. Hâkim bin Hizam gifted him to Hadrat Khadîja, his paternal aunt. She gifted him to our Master, the Prophet. At that time our master, the Prophet was married to Hadrat Khadîja. Our Master, the Prophet emancipated him immediately. He gave accommodation to him. Because he was emancipated, Zayd had no place to go and he had no one to raise him that would have been better than Rasûlullah. Therefore, he willingly stayed with Rasûlullah.
Zayd bin Hâritha, who had been treated kindly by our Master, the Prophet; who was created to complete, even before his prophethood was communicated to him, every kind of visible or invisible, known or unknown proper ethics such as justice, mercy, compassion, being humane, geniality, graciousness, beneficence, abiding by a promise, charitableness, generosity, trustworthiness, protecting the oppressed and the poor, loving and caring for children, honesty, truthfulness, courteousness, modesty, decency, getting along with people, bravery and courage, who is the highest of all of the creatures which have come and will come to the world and who was known as “Al-Amîn” by gaining the trust of everybody; loved our Master, the Prophet more than he loved his own father and mother and did not want to leave.
His mother and father did not know where their son was taken to and what happened to him. His father Hâritha would travel to village by village, trying to find his son. He would beckon his relatives, who were traveling from Yemen to several different countries, asking them to bring him news about his son Zayd, by reciting poems and shedding tears. One of his poems, which tells about his yearning for his son, is as below.

I wept for my Zayd, I do not know what he did
Is he alive or to him has death hit?
Do not ask for him, in vain, O my Heart!
You can not know if his grave is in a field or versant.
O my Zayd, my son! If I knew that those who departed would return!
I would not want the return of anyone apart from you.
I remember him, when I see a child, when the wind breezes,
The sun reminds me of you, while rising in the morning.
I cry for my darling, I cry a thousand times,
I look for him, on my horse, though I am in ruin.
My horse and I do not know to rest or to be tired,
While it is possible for my son to be found.
However hope fools a person, it is perishable finally,
My sons! Qays, Amr, Yazîd, Jabal! My Zayd is entrusted to you.

In the end, before the coming of Islâm, some people who came to visit the Kâ’ba, from the tribe of Banî Kalb, saw and recognized Hadrat Zayd. Hadrat Zayd told them, “I know that my family will cry out for me, convey these couplets to them.” and recited this poem. My heart is in fire, I am away from home,
Neighbor to the Kâ’ba, although I’m separated from mother.
Do not let your agony to set fire your heart,
Do not allow your weeping to reach the skies.
Praise be to Allah, I am in such a house,
That I am grateful for the honor I attained. Hâritha was so happy after he heard this news. He took a large sum of money and came to Mecca with his brother Ka’b. He learned where the house of our Prophet was and visited. He said, “O the leader of Quraysh, O the grandson of Abdulmuttalib, O the son of Banî Hâshim descent! You are the neighbor of Haram-i Sharîf. You treat your guests, you set your slaves free, and you save them from captivity. If you let my son who is your servant go, I will give you the money you want, please do not reject our wish!” Our Master, the Prophet (sall-Allahu ’alaihi wa sallam) said, “Let’s call Zayd and inform him about the situation. Let’s allow him to decide. If he wants to go with you, you can take him and go without giving me any money. But, if he wants to stay with me, I swear in the name of Allah, I can not let anyone go who chooses to stay with me.”


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