The Master of the worlds (sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam), when he was thirty seven years old, would hear the voices which called him “O Muhammad!” from the unknown. When he became thirty eight years old, he started seeing some light. He only spoke about his states to our mother, Hadrat Khadîja. When the time of declaration of his prophethood approached, Quss bin Saîda, who was one of the famous men of literature of that time, had given the glad tidings of his coming during a speech on a camel at Ukâz bazaar before a large crowd. Our beloved Prophet was among them. Quss bin Sâida, in a part of his famous speech, said,
“O people! Come, listen to, wait for, and take lessons! The living die, the dying perish. The things to occur will happen! Listen to me well! There is news in the skies, signs on the Earth! A religion of Allahu ta’âlâ and a prophet of Allah! His coming is very soon! His shadow has fallen over our heads. Those who listen to, and those who believe him are so blessed! Shame on those who disobey and oppose him! Shame on people, whose lives pass in negligence!”
During those times, people in Arabia had deviated from divine norms and they had been stratified as rich and poor, powerful and weak, master and slave. The antecedents were oppressing the successors under their dominance and were not considering them as being human. The property of the poor was being usurped and there was no one with the power or authority who could prevent it. Being devoid of bashfulness and fear, which comes from having faith in Allahu ta’âlâ, they had no remnants of goodness. Such vulgar acts as amorality and disregarding pride and honor were freely being practiced; gambling, drinking alcohol, the life of pleasure and dissipation was being regarded as normal behavior. Constant murdering, adultery and sudden attacks were terrorizing innocent people, causing them to groan and mourn under such weight as to cause sheer destruction. There was a total collapse in morality and people were drowning in the sea of ignorance. Women were being traded like merchandise and daughters were cruelly being buried alive. Worse of all, those coldhearted, stubborn, heartless people accepted it as an honor to worship idols which they had produced with their own hands and from which they neither gained any favor nor suffered any harm.
Since the time of Adam (’alaihis-salâm), there had never been seen such wildness, deviance, amorality, disbelief and blindness in the world. People had turned into monsters. Everybody was hostile towards each other and society was like a powder barrel. In such darkness, it was necessary for a ray of light of bliss to rise for pacification. As this sun rises; faith would take the place of disbelief, justice would take the place of cruelty; knowledge would take the place of ignorance and the people would gain endless bliss.
Finally, at the beginning, true dreams started to be shown to our beloved Prophet (’alaihis-salâm). In a hadîth-i sharîf, it was declared that firstly the revelation would start with true dreams. Whenever he saw an event in his dream, it came exactly true. This state continued for six months. When the time of revelation approached, the frequency of voices saying “O Muhammad!” increased. During that time he desired isolation, he went away from the people, and started thinking deeply in a cave on Mount Hira. Sometimes, he used to come to Mecca, perform tawaf (circumambulation) around the Kâ’ba and would then go to his home where he enjoyed so much contentment. He would stay home for a while, then taking some food with him, he would return to the cave on Mount Hira, where he would busy himself with thinking and worshipping. Sometimes, he would stay there for days. Those times, Hadrat Khadîja would send or bring food.


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