Torment, torture and cruelty
The notable polytheists of Quraysh would attack our Master, the Prophet, insult him and they would even attempt to beat him when they saw he was alone. They also would not hesitate to torture our Prophet’s Ashâb. One day, the prominents of the Quraysh polytheists were sitting next to the Kâ’ba-i sharîf. Then they started to mention about our Master, the Prophet and said about him, “We have endured nothing else as much as we have endured him. He says that we are dissipated, he affronts and blackens our gods, blames our religion, separates our community, after all we patiently keep in silence.” At that moment Habîb-i akram came to visit the Kâ’ba. He kissed the Hajar-i aswad (a stone in the wall of the Ka’ba, touched and kissed by the Prophet, so very estimable) and started circumambulation of the Kâ’ba. While our Prophet was passing near the polytheists, they started to affront him with scornful words. Our Master Rasûlullah became very sad because of these words but he continued his circumambulation without saying anything. When it was the third time that our Prophet was passing near them, he stopped and as he said, “O Quraysh! Listen to me! I swear by Allahu ta’âlâ Who holds my nafs, I have been informed that you will be wretched!” The polytheists became astonished and were in a quandary. They could not say even one word. Only Abû Jahl went to our Master Rasûlullah and started to beg by saying, “O Abû’l Qâsim! You are not a foreigner. Pay no attention to our rude behavior, go on with your worship. You are not an ignorant person, so do not to stay among us.” Upon that Muhammad (’alaihi’s-salâm) left there.
The next day, the polytheists had come together at the same place. They started to speak out against our Master, the Prophet. At that moment our Master Rasûlullah came there. The polytheists suddenly attacked the Beloved of Allahu ta’âlâ. Ukba bin Mu’ayt who was one of the most unfortunate ones among them, held our Prophet’s blessed neck. He strangled his blessed throat until our Prophet was not able to breath. At that moment Hadrat Abû Bakr came there and dived into the crowd in order to protect Rasûlullah by shouting, “Will you kill a man who says, Allah is my Rabb? He brought verses for you from Rabbâlemîn!” Then the polytheists left Habîbullah and attacked on Abû Bakr-i Siddîq. They were punching and kicking his blessed head. An unfortunate one among them, named Utba bin Rebîa hit Hadrat Abû Bakr’s blessed face with his shoes. Hadrat Abû Bakr was drenched in blood. He became unrecognizable. If the sons of Taym had not reached there and separated them, they would have beaten and killed him. The people from Abû Bakr’s tribe took him away to his home in a sheet. He was exhausted and wretched. They immediately turned back to the Kâ’ba and said, “If Abû Bakr dies, we swear that we will finish Utba off!” then they went to Abû Bakr.
Hadrat Abû Bakr could not wake up for a long time. His father and the people of Banu Taym insistently tried to wake him. He could awake towards the evening. As soon as he opened his eyes, he was able to ask with a harsh voice, “What is Rasûlullah doing? What is his condition? They insulted him too.” They said to Umm-ul-Khayr, his mother, “Ask him if he would like to eat or drink something?” Abû Bakr was so weak. He did not want to eat or drink either. When the house became empty, his mother asked, “What would you eat or drink?” He opened his eyes and asked, “What is Rasûlullah’s condition? What is he doing?” His mother answered, “I swear by Allah that I do not know anything about your friend!” Hadrat Abû Bakr said to her, “Go to the daughter of Khattab, Ummu Jamîl and ask her about Rasûlullah!”
Ummu Jamîl was Hadrat ‘Umar’s sister. She had become Muslim. Hadrat Abû Bakr’s mother went to Ummu Jamîl and said, “My son, Abû Bakr, asks you about Muhammad alaihis-salâm. What is his condition?” Ummu Jamîl said, “I do not know anything about the situation of Muhammad alaihis-salâm or Abû Bakr! Shall we go together?” When Umm-ul-Khayr said yes, they stood up and came to Hadrat Abû Bakr. When Ummu Jamîl saw Hadrat Abû Bakr Siddîq with so many wounds, she could not stop crying and said, “No doubt that the people who did this to you are ferocious and excessive. I wish it from Allahu ta’âlâ that they will face the punishment for their wrongdoing!” Hadrat Abû Bakr asked Ummu Jamîl, “What is Rasûlullah doing? What is his condition?” Ummu Jamîl said, “Your mother is here, she will hear what I say.” Hadrat Abû Bakr said, “No harm from her will touch you. She will not disclose your secret.” Ummu Jamîl said, “He is alive. His condition is good.” He asked again, “Where is he now?” Ummu Jamîl answered, “He is at the house of Arkâm.” Hadrat Abû Bakr said, “I swear by Allah that I will not eat or drink unless I see Rasûlullah.” His mother said, “Now, wait for a while until everyone is asleep!” When everyone was asleep and traffic of people lessened in the streets, Hadrat Abû Bakr, getting help from his mother and Ummu Jamîl, slowly went to Rasûlullah. He kissed our Prophet alaihis-salâm. Our Master, the Prophet was saddened by the condition of Abû Bakr. Hadrat Abû Bakr said, “O Rasûlullah! May my parents be sacrificed for your sake! Other than that ferocious man having turned me into an unrecognizable state, I have no sorrow. This woman near me is the woman who brought me to the world, my mother Salmâ. I request you to invoke for her. It is hoped that Allahu ta’âlâ will save her from the fire of Hell, for your sake.” Upon this, our beloved Prophet entreated to Allahu ta’âla for Salma’s becoming muslim. Our Master Rasûlullah’s invocation had been accepted. Thus, Umm-ul-Khayr, too, attained guidance and became Muslim. She attained the honor of becoming one of the early Muslims.
The house of our Master, the Prophet was between the houses of Abû Lahab and Ukba bin Mu’ayt, two ferocious polytheists. They tried to torment our beloved Prophet at every opportunity. Even, at night, they threw animal guts before the door of our Master, Rasûlullah. Abû Lahab, his uncle, was not satisfied with this and threw stones at him from the house of his neighbor Adiyy. His wife, Ummu Jamil, was no less cruel either; she would throw thorny tree branches where Rasûlullah would walk, to hurt his blessed feet. One day, Abû Lahab was throwing the refuse he collected on the front of Rasûlullah’s door. Hadrat Hamza saw him. He ran at once, caught Abû Lahab and he poured the refuse over Abû Lahab’s head.
After these torments of Abû Lahab and his wife, the Tabbat sûra which begins with, “May the hands of Abû Lahab be withered! Then they were withered…” was revealed regarding them.


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