Torment by Abû Jehl

One day Abû Jahl said to polytheists of Quraysh at Baytullah, “O the People of Quraysh! You see that Muhammad doesn’t hesitate to blame our religion, to talk against our idols and our fathers who worshipped them and to regard us as foolish. I swear in front of you that, tomorrow, I will bring here such a big stone that I can hardly carry it and I will bash in his head when he makes sajda in the ritual prayer. After that, it is no matter, whether you protect me or not against the sons of Abdulmuttalib. His relatives can do whatever they want to me after I killed him.” The polytheists there provoked him by saying, “As long as you kill him, we swear that we will protect you and will not submit you to anybody!”
In the morning, Abû Jahl, holding a large stone, came to the Kâ’ba. He sat down with the polytheists and started waiting. As usual, our beloved Prophet sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam came to the Baytullah and began to make his ritual prayer. Abû Jahl stood up and walked towards Rasûlullah to hit him with the stone. All the polytheists were watching the incident in excitement. Abû Jahl, when he approached Rasûlullah, started shaking. The large stone fell from his hands, his face was white, and he retreated with a great horror. The polytheists reached him and asked, “O Amr bin Hishâm! Tell us, what happened?” Abû Jahl said, “When I lifted the stone to kill him, a camel appeared before me. I swear that I have not seen or heard such a camel in my life. It was tall, and had big sharp teeth. If I had approached further, he would definitely have killed me.”
Again one day, Abû Jahl gathered the polytheists and asked, “Does the orphan of Abdullah perform the ritual prayer and wipes his face on the Earth here?” They said, “Yes.” Awaiting this reply, Abû Jahl said, “If I see him at this state, I will smash his head with my foot.” One day, the Master of the prophets was performing the ritual prayer in the Kâ’ba. Abû Jahl was sitting down with his friends. He stood up and walked towards Rasûlullah sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam. He came very near. However, he suddenly began to escape, wiping his face. The polytheists went to him and asked, “What has happened to you?” Abû Jahl said, “A pit of fire appeared between us. When I saw some persons attacking me, I returned.”
Whenever the notables of polytheists like Walîd bin Mugîra, Abû Jahl (Amr bin Hishâm), Aswad bin Muttalib, Umayya bin Halaf, Aswad bin Abdiyagwas, As bin Wâil and Khâris bin Qays saw Rasûlullah, they would mock him by saying, “He supposes that he is a prophet and Jabrâil came to him.” One day, when Habîb-i akram was very much upset by these words of theirs, Jabrâil ‘alaihis-salâm’ came and brought some âyat-i karîmas (verses) purporting, “(O My Rasûl) Verily the prophets before you were mocked, too. But the scoffers were hemmed in by trouble and torment.” (Sûrat-ul An’âm: 10)
“Surely We suffice against the scoffers who mocked you. Those are such persons who set up another god before Allahu ta’âlâ. They shall soon know (what will happen to them). And surely We know that your breast straitens at what they say (their polytheism, slanders against Qur’ân-i karîm and mocking you).” (Sûrat-ul Hijr: 95-97)


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