Patience of Hadrat Bilâl

As Umayya bin Halaf saw such patience of Hadrat Bilâl, he would become very angry, and by rubbing thorns against his body, he would hurt and torture him. Without regard for the blood which was profusely flowing from his body, Hadrat Bilâl would say, “O my Allah! I consent to what comes from You! O my Allah! I consent to what comes from You!” and would persevere in his belief.
Hadrat Bilâl had explained this case as follows, “That evil Umayya would tie me up in the heat of the day and would torment me at night. It was a hot day. As usual, he started to torment me. Whenever he commanded me, ‘Worship our idols! Deny Muhammad’s Allah, deny Him, deny Him!’ to force me to give up my religion, I would say, ‘Allah is One! Allah is One!’ In order to soothe his anger, he put a very big rock on my chest. At that moment I lost consciousness. When I regained consciousness I saw that the rock on my body had been removed and the sun had gone behind the clouds. I thanked to Allahu ta’âlâ and told to myself, “O Bilâl! Everything that comes from Janâb-i Haqq is beautiful and nice.”
Again one day, Umayya bin Halaf brought out Bilâl-i Habashî to torture him. He undressed him; left with only his undergarments and made him lie on hot sand in the heat, then put stones on him. The polytheists gathered and heavily tortured him. They said, “If you do not abandon your religion, we will kill you.” Under these unbearable tortures he said, “Allah is one! Allah is one! At that moment, our beloved Prophet ’alaihis-salâm was passing by there. When he saw this situation of Bilâl-i Habashî, he became very sorry. He said, “Saying the name of Allahu ta’âlâ will save you.”
Shortly after he returned to his home, Hadrat Abû Bakr came. He told Abû Bakr of the tortures Bilâl-i Habashi endured, and said, “I have been very sorry.” Hadrat Abû Bakr went there immediately. He told the polytheists, “What will you gain by doing this to Bilâl? Sell this person to me.” They said, “We would not sell him even if you gave us gold as much as the world. However, we can exchange him for your slave Âmir.” Âmir, Hadrat Abû Bakr’s slave, used to conduct his commercial business and would earn very much money. Apart from his personal properties, he had ten thousand golden coins. He was the helper of Hadrat Abû Bakr and conducted his every trade. However, he was a disbeliever and insisted on his disbelief. Hadrat Abû Bakr said, “I have given you Âmir with all his properties and money, for Bilâl.” Umayya bin Halaf and other polytheists rejoiced very much. They said, “We have deceived Abû Bakr.”
Hadrat Abû Bakr removed the heavy stones on Bilâl-i Habashî at once and raised him. Bilâl-i Habashî was weak due to hard torments. Holding his hand, Hadrat Abû Bakr directly brought him to our beloved Prophet and said, “O Rasûlullah! Today, I have emancipated Bilâl for Allah’s sake.” Our Master Rasûlullah became very happy. He made many good prayers for Abû Bakr. Just then Jabrâil ‘alaihis-salâm’ brought the 17th and 18th âyat-i karîmas of Layl Sûra heralding that Abû Bakr is far from Hell. These âyat-i karîmas purport, “The one (like Hadrat Abû Bakr) who has much devotion (who avoids polytheism and sins) and gives his property for charitable purposes in order to be pure in the sight of Allahu ta’âlâ (and for attaining the blessings Allahu ta’âlâ promises), have been kept away from it (Hell).”
Hadrat Khabbâb bin Arat


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