Chief of the tribe, Hafaf, silencing the crowd

Upon the chief of the tribe, Hafaf, silencing the crowd, Hadrat Abû Zarr-il-Ghifârî went on:
“Before I became Muslim, one day, I had gone to the idol Nuham and put some milk before it. I saw that a dog approached, drank the milk and relieved itself on the idol. I understood completely that the idol had no power to stop this. How can you like worshipping an idol which is insulted even by a dog? Is it not madness? This is what you worship.” Everyone bowed their heads. One of them said, “All right, what is this prophet you have mentioned revealing? How have you understood that he is telling the truth?” Hadrat Abû Zarr, with a loud voice, said, “He is announcing that Allahu ta’âlâ is one. There is no god but Allah. He is announcing that Allah is the one who creates everything and owns everything. He is calling people to believe in Him. He is inviting people to good ethics and helping each other. He is denouncing the evilness of burying daughters alive and the ugliness of each bad action, injustice and cruelty you commit. He is announcing to refrain from these.” He explained Islam in detail. He enumerated the wrong ways of his tribe. Then, he stated the harms and ugliness of these wrong doings. Many people among the audience, including chieftain Haffâf and his own brother Unays, became Muslims.
Clearly reading the Qur’ân al-Karîm at the Kâ’ba
One day, the Ashâb-i Kirâm gathered at a desolate place and conversed. They said, “We swear by Allah that there is no one except Rasûlullah to make the Quraysh polytheists listen to the Qur’an Al-Kerim clearly. Is there anyone who will recite and make them listen to the Qur’ân al-Karîm clearly?” There was Hadrat Abdullah bin Mas’ûd too. He said, “I will make them listen!” Some of the Ashâb said, “O Abdullah! We are afraid that the polytheists will harm you. We want a person who has a people and a tribe which will protect him against the polytheists when required.” He insisted by saying, “Give me permission to go. Janâb-i-Haqq will protect me.”
The next day before noon, he came to the place called Maqâm-i Ibrâhim (the station of Abraham). The polytheists had gathered there. Ibn-i Mas’ûd, standing, said the Basmala-i Sharîfa and started reciting the sûra of Rahmân. The polytheists asked each other, “What is the son of Ummu Abd saying? Possibly, he is reciting the words which Muhammad brought.” They attacked him. By punching, slapping and kicking him, they bruised his face and eyes, causing him to be unrecognizable. However, he continued reciting during the attack. He came back to the Ashâb-i Kirâm with wounds on his face. The Ashâb-i Kirâm were very sorry. They said, “We had feared that you would encounter this. In the end, it happened as we feared.”
However, Abdullah ibni Mas’ud was not at all sad. He said, “I had never seen the enemies of Allahu ta’âlâ as weak as they were today. If you wish, I can make them listen again tomorrow morning.” The Ashâb-i Kirâm said, “No, it is enough for you. You made those ferocious unbelievers listen to what they did not like.”
Tufayl bin Amr’s conversion to Islam
During the years our Prophet (sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam) started to explicitly spread Islam in Mecca, he would advise people, day and night, inviting them to the Islamic religion. The Meccan polytheists strove to hinder our Prophet’s struggles. They would make every kind of slander and torment against those who listened to and believed him. Whenever they would see a person speaking with our Master, the Prophet, they would immediately take them aside and try every kind of trick and slander to keep them from listening and believing him. They would do whatever was necessary to keep people from outside Mecca from coming to listen to him.


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