Tufayl bin Amr ad-Dawsî

During these times, while Muslims were in difficulty and were being tormented by the infidels, Tufayl bin Amr ad-Dawsî had come to Mecca. Seeing this, the leaders of the polytheists, went to him and said, “O Tufayl! You have come to our homeland. The orphan of Abdullah, who arose from us, has many amazing states. The words which he uttered are like magic. They are separating son from his father, brother from his brother, husband from his wife! With the opinions he puts forward, he causes trouble in public. A son who hears his words, does not listen to his father anymore, he becomes obedient to him. Now, no one listens to each other, people are becoming Muslim. We are afraid that this calamity of separation which we are affected with, will affect your people too. Let it be our advice to you, never speak to him! Neither say any word to him, nor listen to his words. Do not pay attention to what he tells! Be very cautious. Do not stay here very long, either. Leave here immediately.” Tufayl bin Amr tells about what had happened after this as follows:
“I swear, they had been so insistant that I decided not to speak to him and not to listen to his words. I had even stuffed cotton into my ears so that I would not hear his words when I entered the Kâ’ba. The next day, during the morning, I went to the Kâ’ba. I saw that Rasûl alaihis’-salâm was performing ritual prayer. I stayed at a place near him. With the hikmat (hidden divine cause) of Janâb-i-Haqq, I heard some of his reciting. How beautiful the words were which I had heard! I said to myself, ‘I am not such a man who cannot tell the difference between good and evil. Furthermore, I am a poet. Why should I not listen to what this person says? If I find his words beautiful, I will accept them, if I do not find them beautiful, I will abandon them.’ I hid somewhere and stayed there until Rasûlullah performed his prayer and returned to his home. Then, I followed him. When he entered his house, I also went in and said, ‘O Muhammad alaihis’-salâm! When I came to this land, your people told me so-and-so. They wanted me to keep away from you. Out of my fear, I filled my ears with cotton, not to hear your words. However, Allahu ta’âlâ made me hear some of your reciting. I have found them so beautiful. Now, inform me of what you will tell! I am ready to accept.’


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