Rasûlullah communicated Islam to Tufayl bin Amr ad-Dawsî

Our Master, Rasûlullah communicated Islam to Tufayl bin Amr ad-Dawsî, and recited some parts of the Qur’ân al-kerîm. Tufayl bin Amr ad-Dawsî swore that he had not heard more beautiful words than these. At once, I said the kalimat ash-shahâda and I became Muslim.
At that moment, I said, ‘O Rasûlullah! I am an influential, important person among my people. None of them object to me. Let me go and invite them to the religion of Islam. Do pray so that Allahu ta’âlâ grants me a sign! Thus, that sign be an ease, a help for me while I invite my people to Islam.’ Upon this request of mine, our Master, Rasûlullah invoked, ‘O my Allah! Create an âyat, a sign for him!’
After this event, I turned back to my town. During a dark night, when I arrived at the hill which is located against the headwater where my tribe resided; a nûr like a candle appeared on my forehead and started to give out light. Then I prayed by saying, ‘O my Allah! Cause this nûr to be conveyed to another part of my body, lest the ignorant ones of the Daws tribe assume it as a divine penalty given by Allah due to apostatizing, when they see it on my forehead.’ Then that nûr immediately came to the end of my whip and was suspended there like a candle. When I was approaching the town of my tribe and started downhill, people attending there were showing each other the nûr suspending like a candle at the end of my whip. In this circumstance I walked downhill and reached home. My father came and saw me first. He embraced me out of his love. My father was very old. I said to him, ‘O my father! If you remain in your current situation, neither I am from you, nor are you from me!’ When my father heard this from me he was astonished and asked, ‘What is the reason, o my son?’ As a response, I said, ‘I became Muslim by embracing the religion of Muhammad ’alaihis-salâm.’ Upon that my father said, ‘O my son, I embraced the religion which you embraced, too. Let your religion be my religion, too!’ and became Muslim by saying the Kalima-i shahâdat. After this, I taught him what I knew about Islam. Then he took a bath and put on clean clothes. Later on my wife came next to me. I said to her the same things. She accepted and became Muslim, too.
In the morning, I went into the Daws tribe. I informed all the Daws people of Islam. I invited them too. Yet, they were hesitant to accept it. Even, they opposed it for a long time. They did not give up their sinful and evil deeds. They went further and made fun of me by mimicries. Because of their addiction to charging interest and gambling, they did not listen to me. They refrained from obeying Islam. They became disobedient to Allah and His Messenger.
After a while, I came to Mecca and complained of my people to Rasûlullah; I said, ‘O Rasûlullah! Daws tribe has become disobedient to Allahu ta’âlâ. They did not accept my invitation to embrace Islam. Do pray for them!’ Our beloved Prophet, whose tenderness and compassion for everyone was great, opened his hands, turning towards the Kâ’ba, and invoked, ‘O my Rabb! Show the true path to the Daws people and bring them to the religion of Islam!’ He said to me, ‘Return to your people! Continue to invite them to Islam with a smiling face and sweet tongue! Behave mildly towards them!’ I went to my homeland immediately. I never ceased, at any time, to invite the Daws people to the religion of Islam.”


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