Rayhânat-ul Arab

Rayhânat-ul Arab was introducing himself to his tribe as an eximious (select, chosen) man. He should have been grateful for these blessings, hadn’t he? He should have accepted and believed in Allahu ta’âlâ Who granted him all these blessings, hadn’t he?) Then he (this greedy, ungrateful person) wants that We should add yet more on what We granted (property and sons) him. (He does not appraisingly try to be grateful for the blessings he attained. What a big ambition is this and what an ugly ungratefulness?) By no means! (The wish of this unbeliever and greedy person will not be accepted. His property and sons will not be increased.) For to Our verses (Qur’ân-i karîm) he has been refractory! (Although he understood at heart that My Rasûl is trustworthy and a prophet, he dared to deny due to his obstinacy. What a big heresy!) I will expose that unbeliever to saûd torment… (Regarding saûd, mentioned in this verse, it was declared in a hadîth-i sharîf that, “Saûd is a mountain in Hell. A disbeliever can climb it in seventy years. Later he falls down. And it continues so.”) Then that disbeliever thought (how he could talk against the Qur’ân-i karîm that he heard from Rasûlullah.) and plotted (in his opinion and prepared some words.) Woe to him! How he contemplated and plotted (about Qur’ân-i karîm)! Again and again woe to him! How he plotted! Then he looked (at his people’s faces for what he will say about Qur’ân-i karîm.) Then he frowned and scowled (because of his anger and since he could not find anything to say against Qur’ân-i karîm.) Then he turned back (from believing in Allahu ta’âlâ and His Rasûl) and was haughty. And he said, “This (what Muhammad says) is nothing but magic, learnt from sorcerers and conveyed to us. This is nothing but the word of a human being!” However, he had previously confessed when he was among his people that Qur’ân-i karîm was a wonderful word and bore no resemblance to the words of humans and genies. Then this denier, by changing his words, slandered Qur’ân-i karim, which it never deserved, in order to please his people. Then he made himself deserve the divine torment. Allahu ta’âlâ said, “I will cast him into Seqar, Hell. What has been explained to you as to what Seqar, Hell is? That Hell both leaves nothing from the body (perishes everything), and it reinstates again and continues (to apply the same torment).”
Polytheists’ listening to the Qur’ân al-Karîm
The notables of the polytheists were preventing people from embracing Islam by various tricks and cruelties. They would prohibit the Meccan people from listening to the verses recited by Muhammad ’alaihis-salâm. However, they themselves would secretly come near the house of Muhammad ’alaihis-salâm, hide in a corner and listen to the verses. As morning came, things became clear in the daylight, and when the notables of the polytheists noticed that each of them had secretly come to listen to the Qur’ân-i karîm at night, they would blame one another and say, “Let’s not do this again.” But, they would go again without informing each other and listen to Qur’ân-i karîm by hiding in a corner. When they saw each other in the morning, they would be astonished. They would disperse, swearing not to do the same thing again, but they would not be able to keep their words. However, by yielding to their carnal souls, by becoming arrogant and having vain hopes, and since they were afraid of being blamed by other polytheists, they did not become believers. They prevented others too. Moreover they shouted in the streets, “Muhammad is a sorcerer.”


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