Cause the sky to fall

This time, the polytheists said, “As your Rabb, if He wishes, can do anything, ask Him to tear apart and cause the sky to fall on!.. Unless you do this, we will not believe you!” Our Master, the Prophet said, “This does belong to Allahu ta’âlâ. If He wants to do this to you, He will certainly do it!” Upon this, the polytheists went further and said, “O Muhammad! Did your Rabb not know that we would sit down with you, what we would ask of you and what we would ask from you, that He did not teach them to you before by informing you? Why did He not announce what He would do to us if we did not accept what you notified us of? Unless you bring the angels as witness, we do not believe you. We do not have any obligation to you anymore. We swear that we will not leave you alone. Either we will destroy you or you will destroy us!” Our beloved Prophet, who saw that they moved away from him completely instead of approaching, left the place.
Upon Meccan polytheists’ refusal of the sultan of the universe, Allahu ta’âlâ descended a revelation with Jabrâil alaihis-salâm and replied to them with âyat-i karîmas. He communicated the severe torments which they would bare. It has been purported in the âyat-i karîmas from the fourth to the eleventh of the Sûrat-ul-An’âm:
“There is not even a verse, among the verses of their Rabb, (a verse among the verses or a proof among the proofs or a miracle among the miracles of the Qur’ân-i karîm) from which they have not turned away their faces. They are the ones who contradict when they are informed of what is Right (Qur’ân-i karîm). But the message (punishment) for that which they have ridiculed and mocked, shall reach them soon. Haven’t they (people of Mecca) seen that we annihilated many generations before them? Haven’t they intimately known of that? We had given them all opportunities that we have not given to you. We had bountifully sent rains over them. We had granted them rivers flowing (under their orchards, gardens and kiosks). Then we had annihilated them due to their sins (and they had not made praise for these blessings). We had created different generations in their place.
If we had descended upon you a written book in paper form and if they had held it with their hands, again those disbelievers, out of their obstinacy, would have said that, ‘This is nothing but obvious magic.’ Furthermore they said, ‘If at the least an angel (which we could also see) had been sent to him (Muhammad ’alaihis-salâm) (and would have said that he was a prophet).’ If we had sent an angel (and if they had not become believer), the matter would have been completed for sure (a verdict would have been given to destroy all of them). Then they would not have been granted a term of respite in the blink of an eye, nor would they have been taken into consideration. If we had made him (the Prophet) an angel, again we would have shown him in a man (figure) for sure and again we would have thrown them into the same suspicion. They had also ridiculed and mocked the prophets before you, and then they had been surrounded with the disaster and torment as punishment for their deeds. Say that, “Look around you and see. How was the end of those that had contradicted the prophets been?”
It has been purported in the 7th and 10th âyat-i karîmas of Furqân Sûra, “The disbelievers said, ‘How is this a prophet? He eats and drinks, and walks on the streets like us. If he was a prophet, an angel would come to him. He would have helpers and they would also bring us messages and frighten us with Hell. Or his Rabb would send him money treasures or he would have fruit gardens, farms and he would eat whatever he wanted.’ Those cruel people said to each other, ‘If you follow him, then you are tied to a bewitched man.’


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