What the disbelievers said
(O My Beloved!) Take into consideration that they have made many bad slanders about you, they have deviated from the right way and have fallen into heresy. From now on they are not able to come out of heresy and find the right way. Allahu ta’âlâ’s glory is so high that, if He wishes, He gives to you more beneficial orchards, gardens under which rivers flow and makes palaces for you!”
It has been purported in the 21st âyat-i karîma, “Those who don’t expect to reach us said, ‘If only angels had descended for us (so that they would have informed us that Muhammad told the truth) or if only we had seen our Rabb.’ They have felt arrogance and gone beyond the limit with a great excessiveness…”
It has been purported in the 9th âyat-i karîma of Saba’ Sûra, “If we had wished, we would have pushed them into the ground (like Croesus, due to their contradictions, although they see Our evident verses) or drop pieces of fire from the sky over them.”
It has been purported in the 97th âyat-i karîma of Isrâ Sûra, “…We will resurrect them while their faces are down and as blind, dumb and deaf on the Day of Judgment! The place that they will reach is Hell, the flame of which we increase whenever it dies down!”
The polytheists completely increased their hostility after the âyat-i karîmas about them had been revealed. Especially Ubay bin Halaf and his brother Umayya would make Rasûlullah’s heart bleed. Unfortunate Ubay came in the high presence of our Prophet while he was holding a carious bone in his hand. Then he said, “O Muhammad! Allegedly your Allah will resurrect this bone after it has decayed, is that right? So you think that your Rabb will resurrect this bone after it has decayed!” and crumbled the bone. Then he blew the dust of the bone towards our beloved Prophet. By continuing he said, “O Muhammad! Who will be able to resurrect this after it has decayed so?” Our Master, the Prophet said, “Yes. Allahu ta’âlâ will kill you and it, too… Then He will resurrect you and put you into Hell.” Upon this event, Janâb-i Haqq revealed the âyat-i karîma purporting, “Did not that person (disbeliever) see and closely know that we have created him out of semen? Even it is so, he became an apparent bellicose. Forgetting his creation, he gave an example to Us by saying, ‘Who resurrects this bone while it has decayed and spread around?’ (O My Rasûl!) Say that, “Who firstly created (Allahu ta’âlâ) them (out of nothing) will resurrect and He is the One Who rightly knows every created being. He (Allahu ta’âlâ) is the One Who brought out fire from a very green tree. Now you light a fire from it. Isn’t the One Who created the skies and earth, strong enough to create such as these? He is strong enough for sure. He is the Creator of everything and knows everything…”(Yasîn Sûra: 77-81)

Belief of Khâlid bin Sa’îd

In the early times of the invitation to Islam, Khâlid bin Sa’îd had seen a dream. In his dream, he was standing near Hell. His father wanted to push and cause him to fall. He saw that, at that moment, our Prophet rescued him from falling down to Hell by holding his waist. He woke up by crying and he said, “I swear that this dream was true.” When he went out, he met Hadrat Abû Bakr and told him his dream. Hadrat Abû Bakr said to him, “Your dream is true. This person is Allahu ta’âlâ’s prophet. Now, go and obey him. You will abide by him, you will accept his religion and you will accompany him. He will protect you from falling down to Hell, as you saw in your dream. But your father will stay in Hell.”
Hadrat Khâlid bin Sa’îd was under the influence of the dream. He did not lose time and he went immediately to the place called Ajyâd, to the presence of Muhammad alaihis-salâm. He asked, “O Muhammad! To what do you invite people?”


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