Question: Some people say, “Chronic vaginal discharge is neither impure nor breaks a woman’s wudu’. Because scholars who lived in the past did not know the qualities of chronic vaginal discharge, they said that it broke wudu’. However, today when technology is highly advanced, it is found that vaginal discharge is not impure.” What does technology have to do with whether vaginal discharge is pure or impure? For example, is urine pure or impure? Can the science of the Shari’a not know this? Is the analysis of it absolutely necessary? Did our religion not say, “Any discharge from the front or back passage breaks wudu’“? 
The reason why such people speak ill of the scholars living in the past is not today’s technological advancements. This is a tactic employed by the religion reformers in Islam. What is stated in the books of fiqhabout this matter is as follows:
In the Hanafi Madhhab, seven things nullify wudu’. Firstly, everything excreted from the front and rear organs breaks wudu’. When the point of an enema or a finger is inserted into one’s back passage and taken out, it breaks wudu’ if it is moist. If something is inserted wholly and taken out, it breaks both one’s wudu’ and fast. (Halabi)

When a woman does vaginal douching [with spring water], the liquid that flows out breaks her wudu’(Se’âdet-i Ebediyye)

Even clean spring water becomes impure when it enters her uterus, so that it breaks her wudu’ when coming out of the body. When a finger is inserted into the front or rear passage and if it is wet when taken out, it nullifies wudu’ because one, by doing so, has taken the impure secretion out.

Upstart reformers say “Old scholars did not know this matter” and thus impute ignorance to scholars, who are the inheritors of the Messenger of Allah. This act of theirs is one of the portents of Doomsday. Some pertinent hadith-i sharifssay:

(When the latter people of this Ummahspeak ill of former scholars, he who conceals his knowledge has concealed the Qur’an, which has been revealed by Allah.) [Ibn Majah, Ibn Adiy, Ibn ‘Asakir]

(There will come such a time that the successors will impute ignorance to former scholars.) [Ibn ‘Asakir]
(There will not remain any scholars. The ignorant ones who will be appointed as scholars will issue fatawa without knowledge and strive to lead everybody astray.) 

(Each century will be worse than the one prior to it. Thus it will go on worsening till Doomsday.) [Mukhtasar Tadhkirat al-Qurtubi, Hadiqa]

(In the time period close to Doomsday, knowledge will decrease, and ignorance will increase.) [Ibn Majah]

Shame on these upstart reformers who scoff at our old scholars!


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