Hadrat Halîma narrates,
“One day Sarwar-i Âlam (sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam) asked me, ‘I do not see my siblings in the daytime. What is the reason?’ I said, ‘They go to shepherd the sheep. They come home around nighttime.’ He said, ‘Send me with them. Let me shepherd the herd.’ I found several excuses and apologized to him several times. Finally to make him happy I said yes. The next day I combed his hair, had him get dressed and sent him together with his foster siblings. He accompanied them for a couple of days. One day when his foster sibling Shaimâ came back from the meadow, I asked her, ‘Where is Muhammad, my son, the light of my eyes?’ She said he was in the desert. When I asked how he is standing under the heat of the desert, she answered, ‘Oh My mother! Nothing harms him. There is a cloud which moves with him every time he moves, and protects him from the heat.’ When I said, ‘What are you talking about? Are all these things you mentioned really true?’ She swore that they were. Then I felt relieved. Again one day at noon his foster sibling Abdullah came to me and said, ‘Mother! Help! We were shepherding with my foster sibling. Suddenly three people who were covered in green approached. They picked up my brother and headed towards the mountain. They laid him back and cut him from his belly. When I came to give you the news they were still standing there. I do not even know whether he is alive or not.’ I started to panic. We arrived there quickly and saw him. I kissed his beloved head and said, ‘Oh the light of my eyes! Oh the mercy and grace of the universe! What happened to you? He answered, ‘After I left the house I saw two people who were covered in green. One of them was holding a silver ewer and the other had an emerald bowl. The bowl was full of something which was white in color. They brought me to the mountain. One of them laid me down. While I was watching, he cleaved my chest down to my stomach. I felt no pain. He put his hand inside and removed whatever was there. They washed it with the white thing that was in the bowl and then put it back. One said to the other, ‘Stand up and let me do my job!’ and then he put his hand inside and took out my heart. The heart was made of two pieces of which he took out something black and threw it away. And said, ‘That was the share of the Devil in your body. We eliminated it. O the Darling of Allahu ta’âlâ! We have made sure that you stay away from the misgivings and the tricks of the Devil.’ Then they filled my heart with something which is delightful and soft. They stamped it with nûr. All of my body still feels the coldness of that stamp. When one of them put his hand on my wound, it became healed. And they weighed me against ten people from my ummat, I was heavier. They weighed me against a thousand people I was still heavier. Then one of them told the other, ‘Stop weighing him. Even if you weigh him with the whole ummat, he will still be heavier.’ Each of them kissed my hand and left me here.’ The mark could be seen on his beloved chest.
This case that our beloved Prophet experienced, which is mentioned in the first verse of Surat al-Inshirâh, is called as “Shaqq-i Sadr” that is cleaving open his blessed chest.
After his prophethood had been acknowledged, some of his companions asked him to reveal more about himself. He answered, “I am the prayer of my ancestor Ibrâhim. I am the glad tidings of my brother Îsâ! I am the dream of my mother. When she was pregnant she saw a nûr which was enlightening the Palaces of Damascus, which emanated from her. I was nursed and raised among the sons of Banî Sa’d bin Baqr.”
After he became four years old, Lady Halîma brought him to Mecca and handed him over to his mother. His grandfather, Abdulmuttalib, generously gave her an abundance of gifts. After leaving him in Mecca, Lady Halîma expressed her feelings by saying, “It was as if my soul and heart had remained with him in Mecca.”


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