Question: Are all makruh acts sins in an equal degree?
Makruh is of two types: makruh tahrimi and makruh tanzihi:

Makruh tahrimi
Makruh tahrimi involves omitting a wajib act, and it is close to haram. A person who commits something makruh tahrimi deliberately is sinful and deserves punishment in Hell. If a person has committed makruh tahrimi by omitting a wajib element of salat on purpose, it will be wajib for him/her to repeat that salat. Imam Muhammad said that makruh tahrimi meant haram. Imam A’zam and Imam Abu Yusuf said that it neared the boundary of haram. Committing that which is makruh tahrimi is a minor sin. A person who persists in committing a minor sin will be a fasiq and will not be considered an ‘adil Muslim anymore.

Makruh tanzihi
It signifies something that is close to lawful (halal) acts or an act that is better for you not to do it than to do it. For example, it is makruh tanzihi not to do sunnat-i ghayr-i muakkada or mustahabacts. If the word makruh is used alone, it signifies makruh tahrimi.

The following are some acts that are makruh tahrimi:
Performing a voluntary (nafilahsalatbefore Salat al-Maghrib,

Using a deposit without the permission of the giver,

Eating or drinking from silver or gold vessels or using such vessels,

Calling your parents and your husband by their names,

Consuming shellfish,

Several people’s reciting the Qur’an al-karim loudly in the same place, 

Spreading on the floor a prayer rug with a picture of a mosque on it,

In a mosque, talking loudly, making speeches, quarreling, or talking about mundane matters,

Shutting yourself away in a mosque or home and performing acts of worship all day by giving up all worldly pleasures, such as eating, drinking, and marrying,

Performing salat wearing a garment on which there is a picture of a human or an animal,

Starting to perform a sunnat salat(excluding the sunnat salat of Salat al-Fajr) when the jama’at is about to start a fard salat,

12. When seeing a janaza (corpse), standing up and waiting with your face toward it,

fasiq person’s calling out adhan and leading jama’at in salat,

Calling out adhan sitting,

Using obscene language,


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