Question: Is it better to have separate clothes to wear in the toilet?
Yes, it is better. Wearing separate clothes for the toilet and staying there with your head covered is mustahab(Se’âdet-i Ebediyye)

Question: I think that a western-style flush toilet is more comfortable to use. Is it permissible to use a western-style toilet instead of a squat one?
If one, when using a sit-down toilet, can clean one’s private parts comfortably and spray from one’s urine does not come back on one’s clothes, there is nothing wrong with using it. However, using a squat toilet has many health benefits:
1. Cleaning filth is easier.
2. Spray from urine is less likely to come back on one’s body and clothes.
3. As one’s colon is emptied completely, the urinary bladder and bowels relax.
4. When one is in the squatting position, fecal matter does not remain in the tube along which it moves and is expelled from the body. Western physicians who studied why urinary tract- and colon-related diseases were uncommon among Muslims found that it was because Muslims did not use sit-down toilets.

Urinary system disorders, especially prostate problems, are very distressing things, which have a negative effect on the happiness of a family. Men must not urinate while standing, and Muslims should choose (between squatting and sitting) the best one for health.

Question: Is it mustahab for both men and women to enter the toilet by covering their heads? Can a woman enter the toilet by covering her head with an underscarf (hijabaccessory) instead of a headscarf?
Yes, it is mustahab to enter the toilet with a covered head. A woman’s wearing an underscarf suffices for this purpose.

Question: What is the sunnat method of squatting in the toilet? Should one put both hands or one hand one one’s cheek?
The right hand is placed on the right cheek and the left hand is placed on the left one. This is the sunnat method. When there is the need to use a hand, the right hand should remain on the right cheek and the left hand should be used. This is the proper way.


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