Even if they give the sun to my right hand!

After these invitations, our beloved Prophet communicated Islâm wherever he saw a person or group of people. He announced that the real salvation could be possible by refraining from obeying the carnal soul, cruelty, injustice and all evil deeds. Believing in Allahu ta’âlâ was necessary. Those who followed the desires of their carnal souls, who oppressed the weak and who became excessive rejected this completely. They saw that all these evil deeds of theirs would be terminated; therefore, they denied what Muhammad ’alaihis-salâm announced. They became enemy to him and those who believed him.
Previously, the polytheists were making fun of Islâm. Then, they made a decision to increase their pressures and torments. They wanted to oppress the believers and destroy Islâm. Their leaders were Abû Jahl, Utba, Shayba, Abû Lahab, Ukba bin Abî Mu’ayt, As bin Wâil, Aswad bin Muttalib, Aswad bin Abdi Yagwas, Walîd bin Mugîra…
One day, Utba, Shayba and Abû Jahl told Abû Tâlib, “You are our elder. We always respect and esteem you. Now, your brother’s son has set up a new religion. He insults our idols and accuses us of infidelity. Advise him. Make him abandon this job. If he does not, we know how to deal with him…” Abû Tâlib eased them and sent them back. He hid this event from our Prophet lest he would be sorry. After a while, the polytheists gathered again and came to Abû Tâlib. They said, “Before, we had come to you and informed you of the situation. You did not listen to our words. He still continues to speak ill of our idols. We don’t have any patience anymore. We will fight both of you, to the last. In Mecca, either he or we will perish.” Abû Talib tried to calm them, however, they insisted on their obstinacy.
Abû Tâlib neither wanted grief for our Master Rasûlullah, nor the rise of any hostility between them and their people. He came to our Prophet and said, “O Muhammad! All the people have been united on their adversity towards you and they came to me for complaining. Hostility among relatives is not good. They want you to stop calling them unbelievers and not to speak ill of them saying they are on a wrong path.” Upon this, our Master Habîb-i akram said, “O my uncle! Know that even if they give the sun to my right hand and the moon to my left hand (that is, whatever they promise) I will never abandon this religion nor stop communicating it to people. Either Allahu ta’âlâ spreads this religion over the world and my duty is completed, or I will sacrifice my life on this path.” He stood up. His blessed eyes were full of tears.
Abû Tâlib, who saw that our Master Rasûlullah was sorry, regretted what he said and told him, “O my brother’s son! Proceed on your way, do what you want. I will protect you, as long as I am alive.”
When they understood that Abû Tâlib protected Hadrat Muhammad, ten persons of the prominents of the polytheists, taking Umâra bin Walid with them, went to Abû Tâlib. They made an unacceptable offer to him by saying, “O Abû Tâlib! You know that this Umâra is the most handsome, most strong, most moral of the youth of Mecca. Also, he is a poet. Let us give him to you, so that you can employ him in your business. Against him, give us Muhammad and let us kill him. A man for a man! What do you want more?” Abû Talib became furious. When he said, “First, you give me your own sons. I will kill them, then, I will give my nephew to you,” they understood the seriousness of the situation and told him, “But, our children are not doing what he does…” Abû Talib said, “I swear that my nephew is better than all of your children. So, you will give your son to me and make me cherish him, while you take away my darling nephew and kill him! Even a female camel does not long for anything, except her baby. This is entirely unreasonable and illogical. Now, that has gone out of hand. Whoever is an enemy to my dear Muhammad (’alaihis-salâm), I am an enemy to him. Know that it is so, and do whatever you are able to!” The polytheists stood up and left angrily. Immediately, Abû Tâlib gathered the sons of Hâshim and the sons of Abdulmuttalib. He told them about the situation and persuaded them to help our Master, the Prophet sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam. The arms trying to kill Rasûlullah would be broken. In this regard, they united against the polytheists. Only Abû Lahab did not join them. Abû Tâlib told them, “O the brave! Tomorrow, gird on your swords and follow me!” The day after, Abû Talib went to the house of our Master, the Prophet. All together, they walked towards Haram-i Sharîf. The youth of the sons of Hâshim followed them. They reached the Kâ’ba and stood in front of the polytheists. Abû Talib told the polytheists, “O Quraysh community! I heard that you decided to kill my nephew. Do you know that those youngsters, with their swords, are waiting, impatiently, for a sign from me? I swear that if you kill Muhammad, I will not leave anyone of you alive!..” Then, he began to recite poems praising our beloved Prophet. The polytheist there, Abû Jahl being first among them, dispersed.


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