Question 1: How many months should elapse before a woman who has been divorced while menstruating can marry another man?
It is bid’at and haram to divorce a woman while she is in a state of menstruation [or postnatal bleeding], but the divorce is considered valid, anyway. Such a woman observes iddah as from her monthly period that will succeed the one during which she is divorced, for she has to remain in waiting for three complete menstrual cycles. She can marry after her third period ends and she becomes pure.

[iddahthe length of time within which a woman cannot marry another man after a divorce or after the death of her husband]
Question 2: 
If a woman is divorced when she is pure (not menstruating), how many months should elapse before she can marry another man?
According to the Hanafi Madhhab, it is a period of time that starts with the beginning of the first purity period and ends when the third menses stops. Accordingly, after she experiences three monthly periods and attains purification, her iddah will terminate.

Question 3: 
How many months should pass before a woman whose husband has died is allowed to marry another man?
She is allowed to marry another man four months and ten days after the demise of her spouse.

Question 4: If a woman on menopause is divorced, how many months should elapse for her to marry another man?
She can marry after 3 months.

Question 5: If a pregnant woman is divorced, when can she marry another man?
Her iddah ends on delivery. Then a second marriage can be contracted, but sexual intercourse will not be halal until her postnatal bleeding stops.

Question 6: If a woman is divorced before never ever coming together with her husband (before khalwah takes place), should she observe iddah before marrying another man?
It is not necessary for her to observe iddah.

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