Question: If one does tayammum without asking someone else whether there is water available and performs salat with it and then sees that there was water available, will one have to repeat that salat?
If one who has an adil person with him performs tayammum without asking about water and starts to perform salat and then is told by the adil person that there is water available, one must perform wudu’ with the water and repeat that salat.

Question: If one, though there is a well, is unable to extract water from it and does tayammum and performs salat and then obtains means to extract water from it, will one have to repeat that salat?
If one cannot find a bucket and rope to extract water from a well or if one cannot find any water for sale, one does tayammum in such a case, and one does not have to repeat one’s salat upon finding water.

Question: Can a sick person who is forbidden from taking a bath by a salih (a Muslim who does not sin openly) doctor do tayammum for ghusl?
Yes, he can.

Question: Does a paralyzed person who lacks the ability to do even tayammumhave to perform salat?
The one who helps that person with his or her activities of daily living should assist him or her in doing tayammum. Such a person should perform salat through gestures and may combine two salats if need be.

Question: If any part of the face or arms as large as the point of a pin is left untouched by the hands, will tayammum be valid?
It will not be valid if one knows that any part as large as the point of a pin was left untouched. However, it will be valid, even if much more place than this amount is left untouched, on condition that one does not know that one did so.

Question: Is it permissible to wipe the face or arms several times if one has doubts about the validity of tayammum?
Yes, it is permissible, but this should not lead to baseless misgivings (waswasa).

Question: A relative of mine who is very old and sick becomes tired out when he does wudu’. Is it permissible for him to do tayammum so that he may not get tired?
Yes, it is permissible.


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