When one does tayammum, can one perform several fard salats with it until it breaks?
According to the Hanafi Madhhab, one can perform as many fard salats as one wishes. That is, one is allowed to perform several fard salats and as many make-up salats as one wishes until one’s tayammumis nullified. However, according to the other three madhhabstayammum is done when the prescribed time for a fard salat has come, and only that fard salat is performed with this tayammum. If one wants to perform a make-up salat within this time, a fresh tayammum is necessary. The exception is that one can offer as many sunnat and voluntary salats as one likes. If one performs sunnat salats with the intention of both making up missed salatsand offering the sunnat salats, one must renew tayammum. One must also renew it when the time for the subsequent fardsalat comes. (Mizan-ul-Kubra)

Question: I have severe stitches on my legs, face, and three other parts of my body. For this reason, I cannot perform ghusl or wudu’. I am forbidden to let them get into contact with water. Is it permissible for me to omit salats and to make them up later?
It is haram to omit salats unless there is a legitimate excuse accepted by Islam. If it is not possible for you to cover your wounds with something and to perform ghusl and wudu’, you should do tayammum and offer salats through gestures. If you cannot offer them sitting, you can offer them lying.

Question: Supposing a person decided to perform Salat al-Witr after midnight. When he woke up, he noticed that he had had a nocturnal emission. And there was not enough water to take ghusl because of a water outage. Is it permissible to do tayammum in such a case?
Being unable to find water when one is in a city is not an acceptable reason for doing tayammum. One can take ghusl with 2 or 3 liters of water with no trouble whatsoever, and it is possible to find such an amount of water. That is, one can find spring water or bottled water, or one can ask a neighbor for water. One should take precautions beforehand against such a situation and other emergencies. To that end, one should keep bottles of water handy at home. Water or power outages are usual things taking place in cities, so one should be prepared for them.

Question: If one fears that the prescribed time for a salat will expire if one performs wudu’ with water, can one do tayammumthough there is water available?
Tayammum cannot be done if there is water available. One must make wudu’ with water even if it may result in one’s missing of a salat(Quduri)


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