Question: Is it permissible to put my baby in a baby wrap when he has a diaper containing excreta and to perform salat when he is on my back?
If one begins salat after putting one’s baby on one’s back in a wraparound carrier when the baby has excreta on its diaper, one’s salat will not be valid. This is like carrying a bottle of urine in the pocket. However, while one is performing salat, if a child comes and sits on one’s lap or jumps onto one’s back of his or her own accord, it will not affect the validity of one’s salat, even if the child may have impurity on his or her clothes. (Radd-ul-mukhtar)

Is the urine of a baby who has fed on only human milk najis (impure) in the Shafi’i Madhhab?
In the Shafi’i Madhhab, the urine of a baby boy who has fed on only human milk is light najasat (impurity). After squeezing or drying and thus removing the wetness, water is sprinkled onto it; as a result, it becomes clean even if the water does not flow. If a baby boy has eaten something besides human milk, even once, or is above two years old, his urine is considered strong najasat. The urine of a suckling baby girl is impure, so it must be cleaned by washing with water.

Question: Is the urine of a baby who has fed on only human milk najis?
It is najis (impure) according to the Hanafi Madhhab. The urine of such a baby boy is not impure according to the Shafi’i Madhhab.

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