Question: What are the things that cause poverty?
It is stated in a hadith-i sharif that the following things cause poverty:

* Eating something in a state of janabah,

* Treading on small pieces of bread disdainfully,

* Walking ahead of your elders,

* Calling your parents by their names,

* Performing wudu’ at a place where you urinated or defecated, without cleaning it,

* Putting food in pots and pans without washing them,

* Sewing up your garment while wearing it,

* Eating onion when you are hungry,

* Wiping your face with your garment,

* Keeping spiders in the house,

* Coming out hastily from the mosque as soon as you perform Salat al-Fajr,

* Going to the market early in the morning and returning late in the evening,

* Cursing your parents,

* Keeping pots and pans open,

* Not saying the Basmala before starting an activity,

* Relieving yourself in a standing position if there is no extreme necessity.


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