Question: It is written in the book Se’adet-i Ebediyye, “If one’s awrah parts remain open long enough for one to say ‘Subhanallah’ three times in one rukn or if a man performs salat ahead of the imam or if he is in the same line with a woman following the same imam, one’s or his salat becomes nullified.” That is, does salat become nullified when these acts are done not throughout a rukn but as long as the time taken to say “Subhanallah” three times within a rukn?
Whether a rukn (obligatory elements within salat are called rukn) is long or short is not taken into account. Sitting in the last tashahhud is a long rukn whereas ruku’ and sajda are shorter. Staying for a very short period of time that it takes one to say “Allah” is a ruknSalat becomes nullified if the above-mentioned acts continue for the duration which is equal to the time taken to say “Subhanallah” three times.

Şamil Aykut

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